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248: Best Reviews From Tour

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Forever Dog


4.85K Ratings

🗓️ 30 August 2023

⏱️ 70 minutes

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Welcome to beach to sandy water to wet. A podcast featuring real reviews written by


people who just need the world to know what they think. Between you and me I


wanted to like this podcast but I'd give it zero stars if I could.


Hello, welcome to a very special episode of beach shoes sandy water to wet.


A podcast where we read the worst reviews in the most dramatic fashion. My name is


Zandy. Hi, I'm Christine. We are going to be reading some of our favorite reviews from our tour


this year. Sorry. No, you seem like you have something important to say. No, I'm just excited


because there are so many that as we were doing the shows I was like man this would be perfect


for the show. Yeah. It was so fun. We got to share it with the people we shared them with but


I'm glad we can, I don't know, give at least everyone else a taste. Yeah and just so you all know


we did manage to get one of our shows recorded that was DC. Yes. And that was our finale show


and one of our favorites and we are going to be posting that to Patreon. Yes, not only recorded


film. Yeah. So that we're not bringing any DC reviews today just because that'll already be


up or that will be up at some point on Patreon this month. So if you want more and you want to see


it in action and the audience response you can go to our patreon patreon.com slash bsc sandy


otherwise we'll give you a little teaser from the different cities we went to before DC. Yeah.


You want to get us started with do you have anything from Tempe Arizona? So the thing that I have


from Tempe is not a traditional review. But sure I'll start with it. It wasn't a traditional show.


That's right. And I feel like this probably gives the best insight into how chaotic our tour really


was. This is this was blaze's idea. He said, why don't you find reviews from cruise critic.com


cool cruisers have a lot to say and don't you know what some of them are from Tempe and it was


really funny realization. Yeah. It's such a surprise that some Arizonans love to get on the


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