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🗓️ 30 January 2020

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Leading up to the big game, Artie Lange and Mike Bocchetti interview former New York Giant and Super Bowl MVP OJ Anderson! Presented by TheComicsGym.com Thanks to MyBookie.ag - If you're going to wager this weekend go to bit.ly/MYB-Artie and use code Artie to get a 50% signup bonus. Thanks to Blue Chew. Go to BlueChew.com and get your first shipment FREE (just pay $5 shipping) when you use the promo code ARTIE”. Thanks to Tommy John Underwear. Visit www.TommyJohn.com/Artie for 20% off your next order of the most comfortable underwear ever!

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Hey, talking like halfway house. My guest host tonight, I'm kidding. My permanent. Oh, you fucking idiot. I was trying to


get you worried about. Yeah, I'm scared because I'm like, yes, I'm working on it. We need


something going with sex here. No, but to think, well, you can get anybody want real


the neck. I doubt that. My co-host, Mike Boshetty, what's up, Mike? No, the thing is like, in


his business, you never know, he could be shouldn't hit one day and go on tomorrow. Who knows?


Well, that's hope that happens. We're working on it. My guest today is, you know, one of my


favorite people and, you know, a story that I felt career, I just roasted him the


about a couple weeks ago. You should remember the 1990 giants, Super Bowl, Super Bowl


champ and just a good man. OJ Anderson, what's up buddy? Thank you for having me.


Yeah, wait a minute before I get started. Just say this, my business partner, Margo


Berg, introduced me to the best company in the world, Veritex. And you know, you want


to make sure I say hello to him. And the fact that, you know, Marcus, Marcus got me a


lot of businesses. That's good. It's as I retire from football and, and he and I just


been involved with a lot of things. We work for a company called Metro exhibits and


then we got a new company called Tridelics, which is about to hit the market pretty soon


with some very, very unique three dimensional shuttle box type artwork. Oh, okay, a large


of all. Yeah, large. Yeah, large. It's always good to know Jewish guys. Yeah, but that's


why I got one. I need to like a guy like Bella check and then to a goalberg. I know. Yeah,


well, that's good. I told people one time at my golf event, which he also is involved


with. Yeah. He upstarted up. And I was, and they're, you know, giving out awards and stuff.


I said, I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to tell you one thing. If you want to


be successful, you need one of them on your team. No, no, and I said that was Mark. Absolutely.


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