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🗓️ 31 January 2020

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Artie Lange and Mike Bocchetti interview stand-up comedian Rich Vos! Presented by TheComicsGym.com Thanks to MyBookie.ag - If you're going to wager this weekend go to bit.ly/MYB-Artie and use code Artie to get a 50% signup bonus. Thanks to Blue Chew. Go to BlueChew.com and get your first shipment FREE (just pay $5 shipping) when you use the promo code ARTIE”. Thanks to Tommy John Underwear. Visit www.TommyJohn.com/Artie for 20% off your next order of the most comfortable underwear ever!

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All righty Lang's halfway house. What's up my co-host Mike Bochetti in the spizz


house as the African American say well actually a lot of white kids say that too as


the kids say. You have spizz house. I don't know what that means but


I hate when white kids try to like black stuff with an answer to be yourself. What is acting black me and that sounds like a racist combo. No not acting. I mean, you know what is acting black like.


They think that from the deep hood. Oh really? Some like fucking so you have a problem with the trillion air the trillion air business of white rappers. No, no, not damage.


I got an hand in like kids from Coltsnick New Jersey. You think it was from Compton. No. Yeah, I mean that's a little annoying but I mean I think you're talking about a major


industry here Mike that you're just shitting all over. Not really. I like him and him. Yeah, well listen, I mean that's a ringing endorsement of M&M. It's good.


Awesome. I mean, he was a notorious guy. I love him. I can't. Well, yeah, absolutely. You know, but again, that's the thing even more so with rock and roll the rap thing. You really identify rap music with young people like super young. So M&M I think is like 62 years old now. No, but there's still some


heavy. I love run the M. She. Yeah, but I mean, again, I mean, run the MC after walked. Sugar Hill gang. I think


that's the end of the entire they were 22 and rap more so than any other art form. I think you really do associate that with young young people. Yeah, so you know, it's like, but I mean, you know, the big


G's like Jay Z and those guys will tour forever. So the trans are young, but the audits the role. But most of the, you know, the stonks are like, you know, they're mostly my age. The fans are, you know, older. You think the stones of


French and their 20s probably right? Yeah, but not many. That's why you know, but they still fill up stadiums. He's old fucking geriatric people go to see the fans that are young millennials. They're out there. I don't see any of them.


I don't know. I anywhere. I think no, and that's logic because of you. I think a lot of feedback has been negative on you. Yes,


for the point of 1992. I'm going to need you to be a little more woke. I'm not only a woke is like by saying acting black. That's


horribly racist. That's not that's a good. African American. No, that's not my that's not what I'm trying to say. You're missing the entire point. But


the thing is I remember on the TV show, I said the word ju-lips from you. You said I should. You said,


I mean, ju-lips. And I think you had a Freudian slip. You said, ju-lips. Yeah. And I pointed it out because again,


I'll have none of that. You know, I'm nothing if not, you know, against anti-Semitism. Yeah, but you punched me. Maybe you got


the box. Fucking well, I think some conscious. You were trying to say, you were trying to say ju-lips. You said,


I'm not. You said, you said ju-lips. And he said, you did. You got a lot of you. No, you maybe fucking boxed of


about the crackers. Yeah, well, listen. You got that. You have to push the person down from


the bottle of trash and it's like done out of the back. You know, I just saw, you know, this brings me to my next point about a bit.


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