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The Flop House

Dan McCoy

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The Flop House is a comedy podcast devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film, then engage in an unscripted discussion about the movie's shortcomings and occasional delights, while never being afraid of a pointless, silly digression or two hundred.

589 Episodes

Ep. #422 - Road House (2024)

We're nice about Road House (2024) until it's time to not be nice about Road House (2024)

Transcribed - Published: 13 April 2024

FH Mini 100! - Elliott Looks Back

Elliott takes a look back at 100 Flop House minis, with no mention of Dune whatsoever.

Transcribed - Published: 6 April 2024

Ep. #421 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2, with Jamelle Bouie

A movie about a hedgehog, with our hedgehog correspondent.

Transcribed - Published: 30 March 2024

Ep. #420 - Madame Web, with Zhubin Parang

Her web perplexes us all.

Transcribed - Published: 23 March 2024

Flop House 2024 BoCo TEASER!

A teaser of this year's bonus episode and upcoming/past other bonus content!

Transcribed - Published: 20 March 2024

Go Fact Yourself #MaxFunDrive Kick-off Spectacular featuring Jackie Kashian, Jeremy Bent, John Moe, and Dan McCoy

Go Fact Yourself #MaxFunDrive Kick-off Spectacular featuring Jackie Kashian, Jeremy Bent, John Moe, and Dan McCoy

Transcribed - Published: 18 March 2024

FH Mini 99 - The Peach Pit Welcomes Hallie!

We kick off Max Fun Drive 2024 by leaning deep into show lore.

Transcribed - Published: 16 March 2024

Ep. #419 - Cat Person, with Hallie Haglund

The New Yorker short story you loved is now a movie you probably never heard of!

Transcribed - Published: 9 March 2024

Ep. #418 - Cool as Ice, LIVE

We're gonna go across the street and schling a schlong.

Transcribed - Published: 2 March 2024

Ep.#417 - Exorcist: Believer

Exorcist: Believer turns us into anything but.

Transcribed - Published: 24 February 2024

FH Mini 98 - In the Public Domain

We explore the public domain.

Transcribed - Published: 17 February 2024


The Flop House is coming to England!

Transcribed - Published: 14 February 2024

Ep. #416 - Cobra, LIVE!

We talk COBRA, live from the Rio Theater in Vancouver!

Transcribed - Published: 10 February 2024

Ep. #415 - Gigli, LIVE from SF Sketchfest!

Oh, Gigli. You knew this was coming sooner or later.

Transcribed - Published: 3 February 2024

Ep.#414 - Kangaroo Jack

We discuss legendary bait-and-switch kangaroo comedy, Kangaroo Jack

Transcribed - Published: 27 January 2024

FH Mini 97 - The Theatrical Experience

Stuart leads the gang in a general discussion about going OUT to the movies, where the popcorn is extra oily and heartbreak feels good.

Transcribed - Published: 20 January 2024

Ep.#413 - Rebel Moon: Part One - A Child of Fire

Transcribed - Published: 13 January 2024

FH Mini 96 - The Flop House Autofill Interview

Dan got tired and decided to have Google do his homework for him.

Transcribed - Published: 6 January 2024

Ep. #412 - Leave the World Behind

We discuss the latest Netflix hit(?) and one of Obama's favorite movies of the year (?!?) Leave the World Behind!

Transcribed - Published: 30 December 2023

FH Mini 95 - The Best Christmas Podcast Ever

That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

Transcribed - Published: 23 December 2023

Ep. #411 - Santa with Muscles, with Alonso Duralde

The Hulkster IS The Santster!

Transcribed - Published: 16 December 2023

FH Mini 94 - Outside the Actors Studio - Val Kilmer

Focus on Val Kilmer. Why? Why not?!

Transcribed - Published: 9 December 2023

Ep. #410 - The Flash

We were ironically very slow getting around to talking about The Flash!

Transcribed - Published: 2 December 2023

Full West Coast Tour Details!

Full tour announcement!

Transcribed - Published: 28 November 2023

FH Mini 93 - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Transcribed - Published: 25 November 2023

Ep.#409 - Mafia Mamma, with Hallie Haglund

I've heard of mamma mia, but MAFIA MAMMA?

Transcribed - Published: 18 November 2023

FH Mini 92 - Auntie War

In honor of Veteran's Day, Elliott does the obvious thing -- talk about aunts in film.

Transcribed - Published: 11 November 2023

Ep.#408 - Waterworld, with Todd Vaziri

Transcribed - Published: 4 November 2023

FH Mini 91 – Best Horror Villains, Part 2

We wrap up our discussion ranking the iconic horror movie villains — and the winner may surprise you!

Transcribed - Published: 28 October 2023

Ep. #407 - Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Takes Toront... we mean Manhattan!

Transcribed - Published: 21 October 2023

FH Mini 91 - Best Horror Villains, Part 1

Who's the top scarer? We decide!

Transcribed - Published: 14 October 2023

Ep. #406 - Ghoulies

They got us in the end!

Transcribed - Published: 7 October 2023

FH Mini 90 - Cruising Along, with Jonathan Coulton and Paul Sabourin

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton and Paul Sabourin of Paul and Storm join us to talk about cruise ship movies!

Transcribed - Published: 30 September 2023

Ep.#405 - The Legend of the Roller Blade Seven

Our legendary Smalltember continues!

Transcribed - Published: 23 September 2023

FH Mini 89 - Screen Gems

Elliott quizzes Dan and Stu on cinematic treasures.

Transcribed - Published: 16 September 2023

Ep.#404 - The Legend of the Titanic

Not enough Titanic movies talk about the contribution of a giant octopus named tentacles.

Transcribed - Published: 9 September 2023

FH Mini 88 - Motion Picture Puzzle Palace

Stuart provides puzzling problems to perplex his perspicacious pals.

Transcribed - Published: 2 September 2023

Ep.#403 - Wild Wild West

The Flop House is still stuck in the 90s, exhuming famed megaflop Wild Wild West.

Transcribed - Published: 26 August 2023

FH Mini 87 - Jim Possible?

Dan tries to answer the question, "what would make a Jim Belushi movie appealing to you?"

Transcribed - Published: 19 August 2023

Ep.#402 - The Net

We start a run of movies 90s kids will remember, with the techno thriller "The Net"

Transcribed - Published: 12 August 2023

FH Mini 86 - Watch Which?

A Barbenheimer-inspired game of cinema showdowns!

Transcribed - Published: 5 August 2023

Ep. #401 - Book Club: The Next Chapter

Transcribed - Published: 29 July 2023

FH Mini 85 - The Peach Pit 3: Art & Coffee

Stuart brings back the Peach Pit, everyone's favorite after-show about The Flop House.

Transcribed - Published: 22 July 2023

Ep. #400 - Troll 2

To celebrate our 400th episode, we talk about the "best worst movie," TROLL 2!

Transcribed - Published: 15 July 2023

Flop House Classics - Fateful Findings

In honor of our upcoming 400th episode, we're picking some classics to revisit!

Transcribed - Published: 14 July 2023

Flop House Classic - Stolen

In honor of our upcoming 400th episode, we're picking some classics to revisit!

Transcribed - Published: 12 July 2023

Flop House Classic - No Deposit

In honor of our upcoming 400th episode, we're picking some classics to revisit!

Transcribed - Published: 10 July 2023

FH Mini 84 - The Peach Boys Smile

Dan leads Elliott and Stuart in a discussion of the non-movie things they do to stay happy and sane.

Transcribed - Published: 8 July 2023

Ep. #399 The Super Mario Bros. Movie

It's-a we! The Flophouse!

Transcribed - Published: 1 July 2023

FH Mini 83 - Top 10 Sexiest Gremlins, with Brendan Hay

The EP of the animated series Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai, Brendan Hay joins us, for Elliott's gremlin sexiness rankings!

Transcribed - Published: 24 June 2023

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