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Life After The Bubble: With Special Guest Graham Summers

Graham Summers joins us today to discuss his new book: Into The Abyss. Amazon link: https://a.co/d/9J1wjqp

Transcribed - Published: 14 June 2024

GOP Moves To Defund Ukraine 'Enemies List' NGO - More Political Theater?

Faced with broad outrage after a US government-linked Ukrainian NGO published an "enemies list" containing the names of several Members and Senators, the US House GOP moved yesterday to ban any further funding to the NGO. But...they will leave the rest of the funding for Ukraine intact. That's DC partisan smoke and mirrors for you. Also today: NATO's insane F-16 plan for Ukraine - will it spark WWIII?

Transcribed - Published: 13 June 2024

Desperation! US Lifts Ban On Arming Extremist Ukrainian Brigade

As Ukraine continues to run out of soldiers, the US government has just announced that it will lift the US ban on sending arms to a Ukrainian military unit notorious for its embrace of symbols from Nazi era Germany. The State Department claims that the group is reformed and thus acceptable for the US to support. Does this smack of desperation? Also today: follow up from the TEXTY "enemies list" in Ukraine.

Transcribed - Published: 12 June 2024

Can A Third Party Win? With Special Guest Nicole Shanahan

Tech entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan burst into the American political scene when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr announced her as his running mate in what may be the most significant third-party run in recent memory. She joins today's Liberty Report to discuss the ideas that animate her campaign and the hurdles faced by "outsiders" in the duopoly called the American political system. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW to the RPI 2024 DC Conference: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/liberty-platform-tickets-913244618237

Transcribed - Published: 11 June 2024

Weekly Update --- Anti-Liberty Conservatives Want More Theft

Weekly Update --- Anti-Liberty Conservatives Want More Theft by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Transcribed - Published: 11 June 2024

US-Backed Ukrainian Group Makes 'Enemies List' Of Americans!

The USAID and State Department-affiliated Ukrainian NGO "TEXTY" has just released an "enemies list" of hundreds of prominent Americans, including Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Donald Trump, the Ron Paul Institute, Tucker Carlson, and many more. Should Americans be forced to pay money to fund foreign NGOs that threaten American citizens? Also today: The US military participated in a deadly Gaza raid that killed nearly 300 civilians. Finally: Rep. Thomas Massie spills the beans on AIPAC's influence on the Hill.

Transcribed - Published: 10 June 2024

Why Is The U.S. Provoking A Direct War With Russia?

When Americans look outward, they don't see foreign military bases circling the nation. No occupying troops. No one is sending missiles to Mexico or Canada that can be fired into U.S. territory. And yet, America’s foreign policy is the exact opposite. Endless wars with 800+ military bases peppered all over the world, surrounding major nuclear powers like Russia and China. The U.S. sends Ukraine weapons to be fired into Russian territory! Pushed too far, Russia is now sending warships and an unarmed nuclear submarine to Cuba. Why is our government unnecessarily putting our lives into grave danger?

Transcribed - Published: 7 June 2024

Can Liberty Beat The House? With Guest Stewart Jones

US House candidate Stewart Jones joins today's Liberty Report to share his thoughts on how respect for liberty and the Constitution can be restored to the House of Representatives.

Transcribed - Published: 6 June 2024

MAJOR J6 Myth Totally Busted!

Remember the salacious details of Trump grabbing the steering wheel and demanding his Secret Service driver take him to the Capitol on January 6th, 2001? The story relayed by a former Trump White House staffer? All fake. Now we know how they tried to keep it from us. Also today: Israel to buy more F-35s...with our money. Finally: Here's a real military "recruitment" speech!

Transcribed - Published: 5 June 2024

WWIII: NATO Moves Closer To Direct Conflict With Russia

As Russia continues to advance in eastern Ukraine, NATO continues to escalate toward direct conflict. F-16 trainers from Greece arrive in Kiev, Netherlands and Denmark green-light Ukraine F-16 attacks deep inside Russia. No one is asking the central question: Why? Is Ukraine worth WWIII? Also today: New York City is turning into a third world migrant encampment. A good business model for success?

Transcribed - Published: 4 June 2024

Weekly Update --- The Trump Trial and our Injustice System

Weekly Update --- The Trump Trial and our Injustice System by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Transcribed - Published: 4 June 2024

Justice For Fauci? US House Panel To GRILL 'The Science' Today

As more and more is released to the public about the deep - and deadly - corruption under Fauci's Covid tyranny, the former NIH official finds himself before a US House panel today. Is it all unraveling for Tony? Also today: Are they charging Hunter Biden with the wrong crimes? Finally today, Israeli official threatens to "finish" West Bank Palestinians...which is just fine with Neocon Nikki Haley. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW to the RPI 2024 DC Conference: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/liberty-platform-tickets-913244618237

Transcribed - Published: 3 June 2024

Steve Forbes on The New Gold Standard with Guest Philip Patrick from Birch Gold

The New Gold Standard is coming, as told by famous economist Steve Forbes...Tune in to this Episode with Ron Paul and Special Guest Phillip Patrick from Birch Gold as they discuss the future of gold and the economy.

Transcribed - Published: 31 May 2024

Bipartisan Support For Escalating Biden’s Wars

The U.S. has developed a very bad habit of getting into wars it shouldn’t get into; wars that having nothing whatsoever to do with defending the United States. But then, to add insult to injury, the bad habit is exacerbated when the government doubles-down, and triples-down, on the failure of the war. Wars that shouldn’t have taken place are strung along for decades! This, more than any other foolish government policy, has led our country into dire straits.

Transcribed - Published: 30 May 2024

Democracy: No Friend Of Liberty, But An Ally of Tyranny

“Our Democracy” has reached a point where both sides in the upcoming presidential election are claiming that freedom will end if the other side wins. If that were really true, it certainly makes clear that "our democracy" has some serious problems. But where did all this “our democracy” stuff come from anyway? The word “democracy” is nowhere to be found in the Declaration Of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, or U.S. Constitution. Democracy has existed for thousands of years. Why did America’s Founders explicitly keep it out of our founding documents?

Transcribed - Published: 29 May 2024

Weekly Update --- Biden's Tariffs Are Another Nail In The Dollar's Coffin

Weekly Update --- Biden's Tariffs Are Another Nail In The Dollar's Coffin by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Transcribed - Published: 29 May 2024

As 'Project Ukraine' Continues To Fail, A Desperate Europe Turns To Military Draft

Escalation in Ukraine continues, as a desperate Europe holding a losing hand turns toward drafting its youth to fight WWIII with Russia. Will sanity prevail? Also today, "Trump-proofing" military aid to Ukraine is hitting some European roadblocks.

Transcribed - Published: 28 May 2024

#AskRonPaul - Rise of inflation, Greedy Politicians, Monetary Policy, and More

Dr. Paul takes your questions on today's Liberty Report.

Transcribed - Published: 27 May 2024

De-Dollarization: Has The U.S. Empire Reached Its Limits?

The U.S. government has been able to expand way beyond its means for over century. In one of history’s greatest ironies, the government in the “land of the free,” turned itself into the biggest government in the history of the world. This was largely possible because other nations have used the U.S. dollar (often reluctantly) as a reserve currency. That reluctance has turned to outright rejection. De-dollarization has become a significant trend against the globe-trotting U.S. government.

Transcribed - Published: 24 May 2024

Speaker Johnson Pushes For US Missiles Deep Into Russia

Disappointment with Speaker Johnson continues, as yesterday he joined the neocon GOP push to green-light Ukraine to hit deep inside Russia with US-provided missiles. Meanwhile Russia has begun an exercise with its tactical nuclear weapons forces. What could go wrong? Also today: House GOP leaders are furious with some university presidents...because they DID NOT call on the cops to break heads in recent student protests. Finally: Good news story of a heroic tyranny resister.

Transcribed - Published: 23 May 2024

Banana Republic! 'Deadly Force' Authorized For Trump Raid!

According to newly-released court documents on the 2022 raid of former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, "deadly force" was authorized by President Biden's Department of Justice. What were they thinking? A shootout between Secret Service and the FBI? Also today: good news from Kentucky. Finally: Sen. Paul Puts Secretary of State Blinken on a very hot grill.

Transcribed - Published: 22 May 2024

What? GOP Reps Propose US Military Benefits To Americans In ISRAELI Military!

Two Republican US Representatives have submitted a bill that would extend the same benefits provided to US military servicemembers and veterans to American citizens who choose to serve in the Israeli military. This at a time when US vets find themselves out in the cold when it comes to getting the care and benefits they were promised. Also today: F-35 fighters are stacking up at Lockheed factories as the Pentagon says "no, thank you" to purchasing them. Also today, Bill Maher defends Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker.

Transcribed - Published: 21 May 2024

Weekly Update --- The Vietnamization Of Ukraine

Weekly Update --- The Vietnamization Of Ukraine by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Transcribed - Published: 21 May 2024

Is The Assange Case Slipping Out Of US Hands?

The London High Court has ruled today the Julian Assange may appeal his extradition to the US to face espionage charges based on the question of whether he would be granted First Amendment rights regardless of nationality. Is the US case beginning to crack? Also today, former CDC head admits vaccine injuries, says his colleagues must face reality. Finally: senior Israeli and Hamas leadership faces arrest warrants from the International Criminal Court.

Transcribed - Published: 20 May 2024

Tariffs Are A War On American Consumers

One of the greatest ironies in America, of all places, is that politicians have the citizens cheering on the raising of taxes on themselves. How so? Well, whenever the government spends money it doesn’t have, that the Federal Reserve counterfeits into existence, that’s a tax. It’s called inflation! The tax is paid by higher prices for the things we buy. When you go to the supermarket, remember the $6 Trillion "Covid Relief.” We’re still paying for that “relief.” When government “slaps tariffs” on another country, that’s a tax on the American consumers! Americans have bought into the “I’m from government and I’m here to help,” line, and we’re paying dearly for it.

Transcribed - Published: 17 May 2024

So Much For 'Democracy' - Blinken OKs Ukraine Cancelling Elections

In between playing guitar in a nightclub and eating pizza in a Nazi-themed restaurant in Kiev, Secretary of State Antony Blinken took the time to justify Ukraine's cancellation of elections and the inevitable loss of democratic legitimacy of the Ukrainian government. This "war for democracy" thus is revealed as just a proxy war on Russia. Also today: The Gaza aid pier is about to go live, but may well lead to disaster. Finally, new documents show Biden's complicity in the horrors in Gaza.

Transcribed - Published: 16 May 2024

Blinken Fiddles In Kiev As Ukrainian Troops Burned In Kharkov

Secretary of State Antony Blinken dragged C-Span cameras along to a pub in Kiev where he jumped onstage to play Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" with the house band, seemingly oblivious to the rapid advance of Russian forces in the north. Meanwhile, Blinken green-lights Ukraine to strike deep within Russia despite Russian warnings of retaliation at the source - whether in Ukraine or elsewhere. What could go wrong? Also today: Blinken's "holding up" weapons for Israel exposed as cynical political farce. Finally: Hero Massie drops pro raw milk bill.

Transcribed - Published: 15 May 2024

Speaker Johnson Declares WAR On Thomas Massie?

Was a massive $300,000 AIPAC ad purchase against Republican Rep. Thomas Massie in Kentucky green-lighted by Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson? Is the Republican Party at war with itself and willing to slur its own members on spurious charges of bigotry? Also today, US Army Major, of Jewish background, resigns over Biden's Gaza policy. Finally, a Republican Rep from Florida drops bill to impeach Biden...for "withholding weapons" from Israel?

Transcribed - Published: 14 May 2024

Weekly Update --- Will The Fed Lose Control?

Weekly Update --- Will The Fed Lose Control? by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Transcribed - Published: 14 May 2024

Deranged Lindsey Graham: 'NUKE Gaza!'

Looking a little worse for wear, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took to the Sunday talk show circuit to demand that Israel follow the US lead in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and drop a nuclear weapon on Gaza...where some two million civilians still cling to life. Also today: House Republicans actually threw a party to celebrate extending warrantless government spying on Americans! Finally, what kind of Republican Party will we see coming out of the July convention?

Transcribed - Published: 13 May 2024

Oppose A War And Get Sent To Fight (Or Die) In It?

"Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." That is the law that Congress must follow. Every member of government "swears" that they will obey that law. Why is there a bill in Congress designed to send anti-war college protesters to Gaza?

Transcribed - Published: 10 May 2024

Killing Fields Of Rafah Become Political Nightmare For Biden

As the Israeli military moves into Rafah, the former "safe haven" for displaced Palestinians from elsewhere in Gaza, against the expressed wishes of the Biden Administration, a new poll shows how much Biden's Israel policy is hurting him with voters. Does he have any moves? Also today: WHO "pandemic treaty" rears its ugly head. Can these authoritarians be stopped?

Transcribed - Published: 9 May 2024

Showdown! Will MTG Take Down Speaker Johnson?

A group of Republican rebels, led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, have laid down their list of demands to cease and desist from their efforts to unseat Speaker Johnson from his chair. Are they reasonable? Also today: Trump trials all falling apart. Finally: US contractors guarding Gaza's southern border? Good idea?

Transcribed - Published: 8 May 2024

Can We Break The Cycle? With Guest Joshua Smith

As part of our ongoing series of presidential candidate interviews, we are joined today by the Libertarian Party's Joshua Smith to discuss his vision for the United States and the road toward a libertarian future.

Transcribed - Published: 7 May 2024

Weekly Update --- The Great Ukraine Robbery Is Not Over Yet

Weekly Update --- The Great Ukraine Robbery Is Not Over Yet by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Transcribed - Published: 7 May 2024

'Evidence Tampering' Threatens Trump Political Show Trial

Shocking news over the weekend that the "Justice" department had "altered or manipulated" key evidence in former President Trump's classified documents trial casts a shadow on the case against him. Was it incompetence...or something more? Also: As Israel prepares to invade Rafah, will Biden finally stand up for civilians in Gaza? A report in the Israeli media reveals that the US supplies 50 percent of all Israel's ammunition.

Transcribed - Published: 6 May 2024

“Hate Speech” -- The Opening Wedge To Destroy Free Speech

Opinions are not crimes. They are thoughts. Once government attempts to turn opinions into crimes, it opens the door for any thought that they don’t like to become a crime. The best way to counter distasteful opinions is with free speech, so that the truth can shine a light on them. Opinions can change. Opinions are always changing. But allow the idea of “hate speech” and government can make it a crime anytime you open your mouth in opposition to them.

Transcribed - Published: 3 May 2024

Do We Have A Libertarian Future? With Guest Michael Rectenwald

Libertarian professor and intellectual - and presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party - Michael Rectenwald joins today's Liberty Report to discuss the mood of the country from his vantage point on the campaign trail. What are the main obstacles on the path to liberty and how might they be overcome?

Transcribed - Published: 2 May 2024

Back Door War: SecDef Admits US Troops In Gaza May See Combat

In a fascinating exchange US Rep. Matt Gaetz probed US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin about the role of the estimated 1,000 US troops involved in building a floating pier to deliver aid to Gaza. Austin insisted that they were not "boots on the ground" although he admitted they would be armed and would respond to incoming fire. Injecting US troops into a warzone requires a Congressional vote, Gaetz warned Austin. Also today: Pro-life activist meets US "justice" system. Finally: Cheating on mail-in ballots? Say it ain't so!

Transcribed - Published: 1 May 2024

Betrayal! Speaker Johnson Slipped $3.5 Billion For Pro-Migration In Aid Bill!

Not only did the massive $100 billion foreign aid bill passed by Speaker Johnson earlier this month contain not a penny to protect US borders, it turns out the bill contained a $3.5 billion "slush fund" to actually help facilitate MORE migration into the US. Will conservatives finally turn on him? Also today...Russia claims to have shot down six ATACMS missiles in attempted Ukraine attack on Crimea. Good news for the US military-industrial complex! Finally today: Government "anti-Semitism monitors" on all college campuses?

Transcribed - Published: 30 April 2024

Weekly - Update - Tiktok Hypocrisy

Weekly - Update - Tiktok Hypocrisy by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Transcribed - Published: 30 April 2024

Insurrection! Congress Working To 'Trump Proof' Ukraine Military Aid

In yet another example of the Democrats and their uniparty partners the Republicans seeking to narrow the foreign policy authority, Congress is reportedly seeking to create a ten year funding agreement with Ukraine that the next three future presidents will find nearly impossible to break. So much for voting. Also today, the Biden Crime Family strikes again?

Transcribed - Published: 29 April 2024

Why Do Both Left & Right Attack Free Speech?

Freedom of Speech was included as the First Amendment for a reason. It's that important! Without the ability to speak freely and protest against the government, liberty is lost. Unfortunately, as with so many things when government power expands too far, freedom of speech becomes politicized. "Free speech for me, but not for thee." Both Left & Right will embrace censorship and cracking down on peaceful protests, if they believe it will help them "win." But once freedom of speech is sacrificed, the only "winner" is government power. Both the Left & the Right lose their liberties.

Transcribed - Published: 26 April 2024

Netanyahu To Biden: Shut Down The Student Protests!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video yesterday attacking the student protests in the US against Israel's actions in Gaza and demanding that US authorities crack down on those exercising free speech. House Speaker Mike Johnson echoed Netanyahu's condemnation of the protesters and called for the National Guard to be sent in. Has he ever heard of "Kent State"? Also...Texas governor Gregg Abbott sent troops to crack heads at a University of Texas protest. Free speech on the ropes?

Transcribed - Published: 25 April 2024

Bizarre Mitch McConnell: 'It's All Tucker Carlson's Fault!'

In a bizarre rant after Senate passage of the huge $95 billion foreign aid bill, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed journalist Tucker Carlson for Republican opposition to the overseas giveaway. The top Senate Republican implied that Carlson's reporting on rampant corruption in Ukraine makes him a "Russian asset" rather than a journalist. Also today: The McConnell/Schumer uniparty bulldozes America. Finally: merit makes a comeback at US universities.

Transcribed - Published: 24 April 2024

Weekly Update --- Final Nail In America's Coffin?

Weekly Update --- Final Nail In America's Coffin? by Ron Paul Liberty Report

Transcribed - Published: 24 April 2024

NATO At 75 - Time To Retire?

NATO's purpose - if it ever had one - is now long since passed. The Cold War has ended and the over-blown scare of global communism has receded. So what is NATO's purpose in our era? Is it time for a radical restructuring? Also today - the Ukraine aid bill will likely be signed into law today and the military-industrial bonanza will be on. But will more weapons make a difference? Finally - is Trump secretly mad at Speaker Johnson?

Transcribed - Published: 23 April 2024

CIA To Zelensky: 'Please Stop Stealing So Much.'

According to a new article by Seymour Hersh, CIA Director William Burns traveled to Kiev earlier this year to ask Zelensky to stop skimming so much off the top of US aid money. Apparently his top generals were angry that he was skimming more than they were! Meanwhile Congress voted to send $60 billion MORE to the corrupt regime. With the money approved, calls are now going out for Western TROOPS to be sent to Ukraine. Also today: Trump's alleged "hush money" is "election interference"?

Transcribed - Published: 22 April 2024

Don't Expect The Fed To Fix The Problems It Created!

The government and the Fed are a tag-team of power that have pummeled America. The former spends trillions (that it doesn’t have) pretending to rule the world. The latter counterfeits those trillions into existence, destroying our economy and driving prices into the stratosphere. There can be no economic freedom living under this morally corrupt couple. Only ultimate bankruptcy. The marriage of Bank & State needs to be annulled.

Transcribed - Published: 19 April 2024

'War Time' Speaker Johnson's Ukraine Border Defense Bill Leaves US Borders Wide Open!

House Speaker Mike Johnson said this week he considers himself a "war time" Speaker - even though we are not at war. But he seems to be at war with the American people, bringing up a bill to send a hundred billion dollars overseas while America struggles. Also today: will the Senate stop the super-spy bill?

Transcribed - Published: 18 April 2024

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