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Zarna Garg: Arranged Marriages & One In A Billion

Berner Phone

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

Comedy Interviews, Stand-up, Comedy

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🗓️ 12 July 2023

⏱️ 65 minutes

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The internet's realest mom, comedian Zarna Garg, came to hell! She opens up about being kicked out at 14, her one-of-a-kind career, and why mother-in-laws are the worst.

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Okay, so now I have to introduce Zarna Garg. Did I pronounce it right?


You absolutely. Zarna Garg. I'm so honored to have you because I started following you just


because you're hilarious and you have this hilarious family and I also just love women who don't


give a fuck and are just so authentically themselves and I just your energy like I just want to be


around you all the time. And then you messaged me and I was like are we best friends now?


Same, same how few women that you're like she's so cool. We have to be in each other's orbit.


That's literally what I was thinking. Why are we not in each other's orbit?


You know what I mean? And then this variety thing happened. I was like yes I totally forgot.


I was like somebody is listening. You know when that Google machine is listening?


Yeah. It felt like somebody listening. Trying to go with our brains.


Yes. I know. I know. I know what's going on. Keep ticked off. They're doing a better job.


Well we're actually quite similar. Me and you. I just reached research. You know we both


started stand up around the same time. Is that true? My first show was at Caroline's. No. Mine too.


In April 2019, to was like a crowd of 300 people. I did 10 minutes. It was like a podcast show.


My friend was like I do your 10 minutes of stand up because I've been writing and doing sketches


and stuff. Everyone has told me they're like you're so green. You're so green. I'm like I know.


And then you come out with a special on Amazon. Everyone's losing their shit and I do some research


and I'm like she has a similar path to me and she doesn't give a fuck. No.


Because you're doing what you're meant to do. No and you can't give a fuck. No one is going to


invite us. Okay. Here's the thing. No one is going to say to you you are ready. Here is a million


dollars. Come do it. No. You have to barrel your way through. Yes. That's how women get it done. Yes.


You have to say oh no. I'm ready when I say I'm ready. But what do you say to women who will


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