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WorkChat: Should part-time workers have to give up on ambition?

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Bruce Daisley

Workplace Culture, Social Sciences, Management, Work, Culture, Business, Science

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🗓️ 12 December 2023

⏱️ 36 minutes

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Eat Sleep Work Repeat is hosted by Bruce Daisley, Ellen Scott and Matthew Cook. Sign up to the newsletter

We talk through the hottest topics in work:

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This is eat sleep work repeat. It's a podcast about workplace culture,


psychology and life. I'm Bruce Daley. I'm Ellen Scott. I'm


Matt Kirk. Thanks for joining us today. We've got lovely feedback from some of the previous episodes.


So it's really grateful to hear that.


Along the way people have said maybe we agree too much so we need to work on that that's probably something for us to


for me to especially to think about it's no point us all being here and all


agreeing on all of the things but I don't think we agree too much. It was a Christmas


pantomime season right? Today we've got another work chat episode so


before we take a break these one's one more work chat and there's one more interview


and we'll be putting the interview out next week.


And this week we're just going to be chatting about some of the headlines in the world of work and the discussions and the conversations


that are taking place.


So I don't know if anyone wants to kick us off of anything that they've seen over the course of


the last few weeks that's


caught their attention. I can kick off with a new bit of research that I've


been sent which is from the social enterprise time-wise which is all about like flexible working, which as you know, I'm very pro, but basically it's exploring how we're still viewing part of time work in a not very positive way. So I'll read some very top-line


stats. So they surveyed about 4,000 UK workers and found that the main kind of issue part-time workers are facing


is actually their managers and something they're calling a manager block.


So a lot of managers wanting to think that part-time working in career progression is just not


compatible and essentially won't give you a promotion or a pay rise if you're part-time


working because they kind of assume you're not really like serious


about this job or you don't care much about progressing so it's much harder to climb the ladder


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