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Words that change meaning with ‘ser’ and ‘estar’ | The Coffee Break Spanish Show 1.08

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🗓️ 7 December 2023

⏱️ 13 minutes

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Did you know that there are some adjectives that have a different meaning depending on whether they are used with ser or estar? That is the topic that Mark and Concha are tackling in this episode of the Coffee Break Show! This is the second part of a double episode all about these two verbs, and in our previous episode we discussed how and when to use ser and estar in Spanish. If you haven’t already watched that episode then be sure to catch up on episode 7 before this one!

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Welcome back to the Coffee Break Spanish show.


I'm Markey and I'm with you.


How is this Mark?


That's very good.


It's perfect I'm very content of this that's here.


That's very well. we're talking about a star but we're also talking about


said again today aren't yes exactly in another one of our weekly episodes when we help you improve your Spanish one coffee break at a time.


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Now we are talking about Seth and E. Stad as we've already mentioned today.


We're taking it further from last episode and talking about the exceptions to the rule or where it changes meaning depending on which verb we use.




I'm not.


Empezemos. So as we've said, Sir and Esther both mean to be, but they can sometimes both be used in a sentence sentence but it might change the meaning of the sentence


in English.


Yeah, exactly.


Sometimes it changes, sometimes it doesn't.


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