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When to use ‘ser’ and ‘estar’ in Spanish | The Coffee Break Spanish Show 1.07

Coffee Break Spanish

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🗓️ 30 November 2023

⏱️ 12 minutes

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We have reached episode 7 of The Coffee Break Spanish Show! This time, we're talking about the difference between ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, and when to use each of them to mean "to be". By the end of this episode you'll be confident in knowing whether to use ‘ser’ or ‘estar’ in your Spanish conversations!

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Welcome to the Coffee Break Spanish show.


I'm going to the Coffee Break Spanish show. I'm going to the


how this is Mark.


Moo jee, how is it?


Well, I'm good, very motivated to start here.


And I'm also, in these weekly episodes we're helping you build your knowledge of the Spanish


language one coffee break at a time. Exactly so don't forget to subscribe to the


podcast feed whatever you're listening to or if you're watching us,


subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Now, we're going to, what are we focusing on in this episode?


So today we are looking at a very interesting topic which is


said versus Esta. A Classic. It's one of the favorites.


We'll see that.


Let's see. I think when we start learning Spanish and they start the fact that there are two verbs for to be. It's quite confusing for a


learner, a new learner to this. But we do kind of establish a certain element of said is for kind of permanent things and


the status for temporary things but I think in this episode we're going to give


our listeners and our viewers some clues as to how


always to get this right, how to really solve our set and these problems.


Exactly. So the difference that you said temporary versus permanent is not wrong because it applies to most of the uses.


However, I always want to think, I always like to think about Sarah as something more related to the identity of


something or someone and Esther is more related to the circumstance of that person or that object or that whatever we're talking about in that moment.


Okay. So yeah, so if I describe something, for example, if I describe my car and I say, is grande, is big, is a


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