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What's Up With The Kids These Days?

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🗓️ 11 April 2024

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In the 2020 election, young voters were key to President Joe Biden’s victory. Biden won voters age 18 to 29 by more than 20 points, and the turnout rate among young voters was the highest it has been in decades. But recent polls show Biden slipping among voters under 30. The upshot spells danger for Democrats: According to 538's Swing-O-Matic, if young voters shifted toward former President Donald Trump this fall by just 5 points and everything else remained the same, Trump would win. In this installment of the 538 Politics podcast, Galen discusses young voters’ role in the 2024 election with John Della Volpe, the director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, and Lakshya Jain, partner at the election modeling website Split-Ticket.org. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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I would say I have an unfavorable view of both Biden and Trump. I think that we need


younger people in office that represent more of either Gen X or


millennials or even the oldest of Gen Z I just think that with the


silent generation and then the baby boomers like they're even though their


politics and their opinions are important, they don't reflect the progression


and they don't reflect the future of young Americans. Hello and welcome to the 538 politics podcast I'm Galen Druk.


What is up with the kids these days? If you yourself have been asking


that most enduring and amorphous of questions,


listener, you have come to the right place place at least as far as electoral politics is concerned


in the 2020 election voters aged 18 to 29 voted for Biden by somewhere between a 23 and 29 point margin depending on the


data set that you're looking at. Nearly half of all eligible young voters


turned out the highest rate in decades.


Claims that one group or another will decide an election are all too easy to come by.


But according to 538 swing a mic, if young voters shifted by just five points


towards Trump this fall, and everything else remained the same,


Trump would win.


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