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UPDATE: The Disappearance Of Sheena Gibbs

Black Girl Gone: A True Crime Podcast


True Crime

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🗓️ 16 October 2023

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40-year-old Sheena Gibbs disappeared from Chicago, Illinois, in November 2021. Sheena was last seen November 5th, at a hostel in the Rogers Park section of the city. 2 years later, Sheena is still missing but we have learned more about the days before and after she was last seen. SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR Factor Visit FactorMeals.com/girlgone50 for %50 off Follow Us! IG: @BlackGirlGonePodcast TikTok: @BlackGirlGonePodcast FB: Black Girl Gone Podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Hello listeners, I'm your host Amara, and this is Black Girl Gone, a true crime podcast.


On this episode of Black Girl Gone, I bring you an update on the story of Shina Gibbs,


who has been missing since November 2021.


Shina was 40 years old at the time and living in Chicago, Illinois when she was missing.


When Shina first went missing, we had very little information about her disappearance.


But since then, we have learned some disturbing new details about what was happening in Shina's life


before she disappeared. But those closest to Shina say that despite those details,


the Chicago Police Department has done very little to find Shina.


Almost two years after she was last seen, her family and friends are still trying to find out


what happened to Shina. This is Shina's story.


I first brought you Shina's story in May 2022 after finding out about it on Instagram.


At the time, it had been six months since she had disappeared.


Since then, her family and friends have continued to search for answers about


what happened to Shina. But from the beginning, they have said that the Chicago Police Department


has not prioritized her case. In order to them, the police have failed to follow up on needs


that they say are critical to the case. And as we approach the two-year anniversary of Shina's


disappearance, not much has changed. When we first told Shina's story, it was very little


information about her disappearance. But recently, I got to speak to a friend of Shina's who


wanted to update me about the case and what has been discovered in the almost two years since


she was last seen. Her case was also featured on a recent episode of Investigation Discovery


Channels Disappeared. For those who would like to watch, it's the episode from Season 11, Episode 5.


The things that we know about Shina's life prior to her disappearance and the events surrounding


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