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UNSOLVED: The Murder Helene "Nikki" Anderson and Adrienne Hale

Black Girl Gone: A True Crime Podcast


True Crime

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🗓️ 26 June 2023

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On January 30, 1986, the bodies of 27 year old Helene "Nikki" Anderson and her 4 year old daughter Adrienne Hale were found in her apartment in Bremerton, WA. They were both strangled. 37 years later this case remains unsolved. Who killed Nikki and Adrienne? Afterthoughts: Helene "Nikki" Anderson and Adrienne Hale | Available June 29th Find out more about HelpYouFind.me and how you can create your "If I Go Missing File" https://helpyoufind.me/go/1109/ SUPPORT OUR SHOW! And Join Us On Patreon To Unlock Exclusive Content! www.patreon.com/blackckgirlgonepodcast Follow Us! IG: @BlackGirlGonePodcast TikTok: @BlackGirlGonePodcast FB: Black Girl Gone Podcast Twitter: @BlkGirlGonePod Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Hello listeners, I'm your host Amara and this is Black Girl Gone, a true crime podcast.


On this episode of Black Girl Gone, I tell the story of 27-year-old Helene Nikki Anderson and her four-year-old daughter Adrienne Hale, who were found brutally murdered on January 30th, 1986, inside their home in Remington, Washington.


The night before Adrienne's dad Kenny had been at the apartment visiting, but when he returned the next evening, he found Nikki and his daughter dead.


Nikki's eight-month-old son Marcus was inside but was unharmed, but someone had strangled the mother and daughter to death, and Nikki was also beaten.


Detectives quickly honed in on Kenny as a suspect, but 37 years after Nikki and Adrienne's murder, their killer has not been caught.


Who killed Nikki and Adrienne? And why? This is Nikki and Adrienne's story.


It's been a while since I covered a story that has been as cold for as long as this story has.


It's been 37 years since Nikki and her daughter Adrienne were murdered, and whoever committed this crime has not been found.


Justice delayed is justice denied, but there's always a possibility that a killer can be found.


Just a couple of days before I recorded this episode, unique Harris' killer was convicted 13 years after she disappeared.


We covered her story in December 2021, and although unique's body has never been found, the person who police and prosecutor say as responsible for murdering her has been found guilty.


But it did take 13 years, and I know 37 years is way longer of a time for a case to go and solve, but cases have been solved after decades of being cold.


Even after all of this time, it's important to make sure that we keep these stories in the public eye.


Colleen Anderson was born on October 15, 1958, and grew up in Indiana. Those who knew her best called her by her nickname, Nikki.


And although this case has been covered by several other shows, there's a lot of background information about Colleen.


Aside from her date of birth and where she grew up, you don't know much about her life in those early years or about her family.


And so Nikki's story for us begins when she met Kenny Hale.


Kenny was in the Navy, and so in order to be with him, Nikki made the decision to move from Indiana to Bremerton, Washington, where Kenny was being stationed.


Now, Bremerton is a small city with a current population of about 38,000 and is located about an hour from Seattle.


Bremerton is best known for having the most equipped Navy yard in the United States.


Now, moving all the way to Washington from Indiana had to have been a really big move for Nikki, who was in her early 20s at that point.


Things aren't like they are now in terms of our ability to stay connected to people who are far away.


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