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Travel Trivia - Episode 154

Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

Girl's Girls Media

Education For Kids, Games, Leisure, Kids & Family

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πŸ—“οΈ 12 September 2023

⏱️ 14 minutes

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Brittany and Meredith are going around the world with this episode of Travel Trivia!

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What's going on, trivia nerds? Welcome to the best trivia podcast ever, the family


road trip trivia podcast. I'm your host, Brittany. Back again with my best friend at last,


I miss you so much. Oh, I missed everybody and especially all the kids in the car. Hi, kids


in the car. Don't like when you're not here. I pretend that I'm strong, but I'm not. It's


just been a lot of work lately. I'm really sorry. I'm back in action and then you know, back


to school. It's just like crazy for all parents right now. So kids, you'd be nice to your


parents because it's hard to adjust to back to school. It is hard. It's so hard. It's getting


harder every single year. Yeah, I'm so glad you're back. Um, we have a bunch of shout outs today.


We've got Emmy, Ellie, Caitlin, Josh, Finn, Arya, Charlie Owen, Wyatt, Thomas Logan, Kate, Derek,


Brianna, Braden, Lila, Clara, Parker, Josh, Lincoln, Georgia, Lucas, Francesco, Josephina,


Matthew, Abby, Ellie from Pittsburgh and Julia. And then we also have to say, I know, I know, I


know. I bet you didn't know. I had that many friends. Then we're sending happy birthdays to


Eleanor, Declan, Sage, Sahana, and Ali. Happy birthday. All right. So yeah, we have a lot of


friends you guys. So we're so popular with the kids. I love the shout outs. I love when you


guys send them in. They are my favorite because I love to know that we're all hanging out,


let's interview together. All right. So this episode, we have not done this topic yet. New topic


alert. We are doing, which makes sense because literally what this podcast is about, we are doing


travel trivia. I can't believe that the family road trip trivia podcast hasn't done travel trivia


yet. I know. Blast for me. Blast for me. Not done it. But we are finally here. We're doing some


travel trivia. Are you ready, Meredith? I love to travel. I hope I do good. But I'm not


great at geography. So let's see how this goes today. Let's go. It's going to go. It's a 50 50 shot.


Okay. Let's see. Okay. Round one question one, located in Africa. This is the largest hot desert in


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