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Even HARDER Harry Potter Trivia - Episode 155

Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

Girl's Girls Media

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🗓️ 15 September 2023

⏱️ 17 minutes

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You asked for it, we're bringing it... this Harry Potter Trivia is HARD! Think you can keep up?

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Hello and welcome my fellow trivia nerds to the best trivia podcast ever the family


road trip trivia podcast I'm your host Brittany I'm here with my best friend Mota hey fam


oh new catchphrase I like it howdy folks keep trying stuff out let's try it out let's see what


feels good for a little change up let's change it up every so often yeah okay so um this is always a


fan favorite show we get requests for this so often you guys I'm not getting and you guys keep


wanting more and it gets harder and harder to write the questions because I feel like we always


have covered everything and yet here we are again with an episode of harder Harry Potter


trivia now I'm gonna tell you right now like it wasn't that hard hardest a subjective word


what's already think that they're hard I already think all the Harry Potter


trivia you've made me do have been so hard I can't imagine hard hardest Harry Potter trivia I feel


like these are really difficult I don't know how else to lead into this episode I personally think


that they are hard but I was tired of people telling me I wasn't going hard enough and so I


tried to go a little bit harder this episode well I guess we'll see I guess we'll see okay we're


gonna give a shout out to Kate Desmond Flynn helium Jesse from Tasmania Australia


Braden Kinley Hunter Caden Jocelyn Wesley Cali Miriam Nolan Evie Oliver Brielle Owen Dylan


Eleanor and Stella what's up guys I hope we have the cool day all right shout out to you shout out


all right are you ready ready so ready Harry Potter trivia okay here we go question one


listen I will still be friends with you if you get all laser on just know that you will I will


I mean I'll look at you differently but I don't know you take Harry Potter pretty serious so


some of you are like fanatical and you're one of them I am I am okay okay here we go question


right when is Harry Potter's birthday I know it you two is July 31st it's you guys is my friends


birthday and she always says it's Harry Potter's birthday yeah okay that's okay that's


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