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Toddlers That Won't Go to Bed (Solutions from Eileen Henry)

Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

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🗓️ 13 February 2024

⏱️ 45 minutes

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Eileen Henry is a pioneering sleep consultant who for decades has helped exhausted, concerned parents guide their infants and toddlers to more restorative sleep. As Janet's guest this week, Eileen shares her wisdom and detailed suggestions in response to emails from Unruffled listeners struggling mightily with their toddlers at bedtime. A one-year-old seems to get increasingly wound up as bedtime nears, escalating to biting her mother. A 23-month-old refuses to nap. An almost 3-year-old won't separate from her parent at any time of day, calls "mommy, mommy" whenever her parent leaves her side, making bedtime impossible. Eileen offers her experienced perspective, warm support, and actionable advice. “Sleep is not a problem to be fixed,” she believes. “It is a skill to be learned.”

More about Eileen and her resources at: CompassionateSleepSolutions.com, or visit her on Facebook at: Facebook.com/compassionatesleepsolutions

Learn more about Janet's "No Bad Kids Master Course" at: NoBadKidsCourse.com.

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Hi, this is Janet Lansfury. Welcome to Unruffled. Today I have the pleasure of


hosting Eileen Henry. She's a longtime friend and fellow Rye associate and


she's a pioneer as one of the first child sleep


consultants in the US. She's been helping families achieve peaceful and


lasting sleep for decades.


Eileen offers effective holistic solutions


that end up transforming parents' experience with sleep


and common behavior issues in the early years of development.


Eileen is the real deal and when she works with you it's with her and the unique


method she developed not borrowed ideas from other experts.


She says, underneath most behavior is a need that longs for expression.


Often these needs are in conflict with one another in the early years.


I'm really excited for the second opportunity to share


Eileen's sage insights with you on unruffled. Hi there Eileen, welcome back.


Thank you so much for returning to share with us. Always a pleasure. As


Eileen knows, I sent her a whole bunch of questions. They were just some that I've


been saving because they're all around what Eileen is an expert in, which is sleep issues.


All of these are about helping our child to get to sleep.


It's not about what happens after they're already asleep and it's done, but it's


that process of helping them get to bed, which can be very challenging, obviously.


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