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The World of Ted Serios

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

History, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 24 April 2024

⏱️ 50 minutes

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The Astonishing Legends Network presents the third episode of Richard Hatem's Paranormal Bookshelf! Listen, and after you love it, find and subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts!

Richard delves into challenging misconceptions held by both skeptics and believers through the lens of Jule Eisenbud's "The World of Ted Serios," which underscores the significance of caution in scientific inquiry while also exploring the debilitating doubt often encountered in paranormal exploration.

“Certainly an attitude of caution and skepticism should be expected of anyone undertaking to test a hypothesis according to conventional cannons of scientific inquiry. But not the kind of gnawing, festering doubt that took possession of me." –The World of Ted Serios by Jule Eisenbud

In this episode of Richard Hatem’s Paranormal Bookshelf, we’re exploring The World of Ted Serios by Jule Eisenbud. And we’re taking on one of the longest-standing feuds in the world of paranormal exploration: skeptics vs. believers.

In the 1960s, Theodore Judd Serios, a Chicago bellhop, gained fame for producing "thoughtographs.” Ted, it seems, could think images onto film. Polaroid film to be exact. Parapsychologist Jule Eisenbud arranges to meet with him, and over the next three years of wild experiments, Jule goes down a rabbit hole from which he never completely emerged.

As Richard immerses himself in Eisenbud's narrative, he grapples with the dichotomy between skeptics and believers, challenging misconceptions that often plague serious paranormal inquiry. Through insightful commentary, Richard sheds light on the rational pursuit of knowledge among individuals intrigued by the unexplained, contrasting it with the hasty conclusions drawn by both skeptics and true believers.

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Ladies and gentlemen, another surprise from our good friend and frequent guest of the show,


Rich Adam.


That's right, we're releasing the third episode of his wonderfully spooky but narrative


journalistic news show, Richard Adams, Paranimal Book


Tonight's episode is about Rich's history


with Jewel Eisenbud's book,


The World of Ted Serios,


a Chicago Bell Hop who created images on film with his mind.


I'm so envious, we've been meaning to cover Ted Serios for forever,


but I have to admit it.


It was Rich that told me about him in the first place a few years ago.


Well, that doesn't stop us.


Let's rip him off completely and doing what it's a different I know I


think it would actually make him mad no it will be fine or remember folks


rich has a potty mouth so in the astonishing legends feed there are some ble, but when you subscribe directly to his show, you'll get rich in all of his uncensored glory.


Wow, imagine that. Well, Astonishing Legends will be back with part two of our series on the elusive force in just a few days, but for now enjoy episode 3 of


Richard Adams paranormal bookshelf and remember to find and subscribe to the show


wherever you get your podcasts.


Astonishing Legends Network.


Hey everybody, welcome back and if you're just joining us for the first time


welcome I want to thank all of you again for the really beautiful responses


we're getting on social media and also the reviews on Spotify and


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