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The Lost City of Akakor with Kinga Philipps Part 2

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

History, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 25 February 2024

⏱️ 112 minutes

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Kinga Philipps is back with us for part two of our investigation into the legend of the lost city of Akakor. In this episode, we look closer at the facts in this case, attempting to separate them from the fiction. Kinga has a specific and knowledgeable insight into Tatunca Nara’s point of view as she and J.J. Kelley interviewed him at his home in Barcelos, Amazonas, in 2019 for their Travel Channel show, Lost in the Wild. In the 1980s, at least three people hired Tatunca as a guide to find Akakor. Two were never seen again, and one was found with a bullet hole in the back of their skull. Did they insist on venturing into the jungle alone, as Tatunca claimed? What became of the journalist Karl Brugger, whose book The Chronicle of Akakor could be considered the catalyst to this series of events? Is this mystery more natural, supernatural, or criminal at its core? Whatever the truth at the heart of this darkness, the fact is that an incredible account, a fantastic fable, mere words can spark quests and tragedy.

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In our last episode, we took you to the Amazonian Jungle to uncover the astonishing legend of the lost city of Acacor.


A story shared with the world by the journalist


Carl Bruger on behalf of Accicor's last living chieftain, a man known as to


Tukinara. We were joined for that story by our new friend, journalist and fellow at the 135 year old


Explorers Club, Kinga Phillips. Kinga's expertise is invaluable in covering this particular story because, unlike us, she's been to Brazil,


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