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The Lost City of Akakor with Kinga Philipps Part 1

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

History, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 11 February 2024

⏱️ 105 minutes

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Typically, when the concept of a Lost City captures the public’s imagination, it’s because archaeologists have discovered evidence of its ancient existence or rumors have passed down generations and inspired expeditions. But what happens when a single, modern man’s story, documented in a book, encourages a few adventurous souls to seek an elusive utopia in a treacherous locale? This is the case with the legend of the lost city of Akakor. In the early 1970s, journalist Karl Brugger met with a man who called himself Tatunca Nara, a self-proclaimed tribal chieftain and prince of the Ugha Mongulala tribe. Tatunca told Brugger an incredible tale of Akakor, a Shangri-la-like city mostly underground and hidden in caves in the Amazon jungle. Akakor was home to a magnificent and enlightened society, rich and resplendent with treasures and ancient wisdom thousands of years old. Not only did Tatunca know the location of the secretive city, but he was also one of its royalty. Although initially incredulous, Brugger became intoxicated with Nara’s story and decided to document it and publish a book about it in 1976 titled The Chronicle of Akakor. Exhilarated by the fantastic descriptions, amateur adventurers came from all over the world to try and find Akakor and see it for themselves, often hiring Tatunca to guide them there… but at least 3 of them would never make it back home. Some believe they fell victim to the dangers of the environment, while others believe they were silenced to keep Akakor hidden from the world. However, we can safely navigate this legend because we have the great fortune of being joined by Kinga Philipps, journalist, adventurer, Shark Week host, and fellow at the prestigious 120-year-old Explorer’s Club. Kinga and her Explorer’s Club colleague JJ Kelley co-hosted a series called Lost in the Wild on the Travel Channel. The show was dedicated to examining cases of missing persons that have taken place in exotic locations. In one episode, the duo traveled to Brazil to investigate the story of Akakor and Tatunca Nara, and tonight, Kinga Philipps will share what they uncovered on that harrowing quest.

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Tonight we embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of a lost city, a city that is


alluded explorers and historians for centuries, or has it, this is the story of Acacore. Legends of Lost Cities have fascinated humanity for centuries.


From El Dorado to the Lost City of Z, which controversial explorer Percy Fawcett spent the


latter part of his life trying to find, before vanishing in Brazil himself.


The city of Accicore is no less elusive.


Shrouted in mystery and intrigue, there are those who say it is a fabrication,


while others will tell you it still exists to this day.


Acacore's story begins with a man named Tunkenara,


a self-proclaimed tribal chieftain and prince of the Uga


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