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The Invisible Kingdom of Chronic Illness

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🗓️ 27 February 2024

⏱️ 54 minutes

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Chronic illness is debilitating. But it’s not just the pain and dysfunction it causes, but the anxiety of not really knowing when it’ll strike — or get worse. Abdul reflects on the ways that science has been diverted by the goals of the healthcare industrial complex away from answering questions at the edge of chronic illness. Then he sits down with author Megan O’Rourke, author of Invisible Kingdom, a book about the experience of living with a chronic autoimmune disorder, about her experience, how it changed her, and what she wishes more people understood about it.

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What a Day launched a new weekend series.


How we got here featuring Crooked Host Aaron Ryan and Max Fisher.


Last Saturday, Aaron and Max broke down the long story of how lead found its way into gasoline


and eventually into the bloodstream of many Americans, maybe even yours.


Look for the episode titled How Lead Poisoning Rewired America in the What-A-Day Feed, out now.


America Disected is brought to you by the Debomeount Foundation.


For 25 years, the Debome mount foundation has worked to create practical solutions


that improve the health of communities across the country.


The Foundation advances policy, creates partnerships, strengthen systems,


and improves communication to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their best possible health.


To learn more, visit de beaumont.org. A judge in Alabama rules that frozen embryos are children.


Florida Surgeon General plays down the risk of Judge in Alabama rules that frozen embryos are children.


Florida Surgeon General plays down the risk of measles amidst an outbreak.


Epidemiologists estimate that Israel's destruction of Gaza could take another 85,000 lives


in the next six months alone.


This is America Disected.


I'm your host, Dr. Rob Duwell, say it. Think about the best conversation you can have in 10 minutes. What would it entail?


What would you discuss? How much information do you think you could actually communicate?


Now, step back.


Consider the fact that the 10-minute office visit has become the standard for the way most health care is delivered in this country.


That means that people, many times with multiple ailments,


what doctors call problem lists, several diagnoses long, are trying to fit


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