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Defunding Public Health? One County Tried. It Didn’t Go Well.

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🗓️ 20 February 2024

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Ottawa County, Michigan made national news last year after a MAGA take over of its County Commission. Their first major act? To try to defund their public health department. Abdul reflects on the impending risk of this across the country. Then he sits down with Adeline Hambley and Marcia Mansaray, the leaders of the Ottawa County Health Department to learn what happened — and what they did next.

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This is America dissected. I'm your host Dr. Abdul Al Sayy. Since the murder of George Floyd, there's been an ongoing call by activists and some politicians to rethink the choices we make


about how to invest public funds. Perhaps rather than invest so much money in buying military-grade


weapons to deploy into our streets, we might instead figure out how to deploy social workers


to the scene of domestic disturbances. Or better yet, figure out how to address the cycles of poverty


that sit at the heart of too many of them. The redeployment of civic resources away from punishment and toward public


welfare, that idea got absolutely demagogued by Maggotipes. And it led even the most


progressive elected officials to cower away from those kinds of policies.


Mind you, all of this was in the wake of one of the most horrific acts of police murder ever recorded.


I raised this because it's a helpful contrast to our story today.


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