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The Boston Marathon | Marathon Primer

Go! My Favorite Sports Team

Go! My Favorite Sports Team

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🗓️ 11 April 2024

⏱️ 45 minutes

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Ah… the Boston Tea Party, WAIT!.. THE BOSTON MARATHON is this weekend, and as such Tyler Scheid and Markiplier are here to run you through its requirements and history ;) That is once they get through the marathon of a J’accuse from MARKIPLIER regarding his engineering studies. Anyways, tie your shoes tight, grab some water, and run right into this glorious episode about marathon running! You’ll never guess the hills, turns, and slips in this one!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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We have merch back up. I can't believe it is store.


It is store. GMfst.com. It will be and it is


But we have season 2 limited edition merch


available for one month only available for purchase now once it is it is gone, it is gone. There will be no more


season two artwork designs unless something crazy happens and it comes back, but more than likely


it will never come back. We have new season three stuff that will be coming after all of the season two stuff


sells out and we've got that set up.


You guys better get it.


It's limited edition.


It'll never come back again.


You can support us and our dreams Oh, Hello, Allagint listeners, and welcome to Go My Favorite Sports Team, episode 2, season three as we continue to analyze the


sports world together and also introduce you to the sporting nature of life. I'll take it from here Tyler don't you worry I got this. I'm


Margiplier I'm here to talk about sports but before I do that I got a bone to pick


with someone actually it's not really a bone I was trying, I got a bone to pick with someone.


Actually, it's not really a bone.


I was trying to word my response to this


because I thought it was really funny.


So just to jump right into the content,


this is actually not on the GMFST subreddit.


If you go to Reddit.com slash R-


G-F-ST, you'll find all the conversations about sports and this podcast.


But there was a post, as I was looking up Jekusis,


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