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Squashing The Bert Beef w/ Joe List | Your Mom's House Ep. 729

Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Tom Segura

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🗓️ 11 October 2023

⏱️ 109 minutes

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On this episode of Your Mom's House, Tom and Christina ask Joe List about the argument he had with Bert and we get to hear his side of the story. They also expose him to the classic cool guys of YMH, some new inmate pen-pal videos, and another batch of Christina's TikToks. The three talk about swingers, isolation, sitting on cakes, and what it's like to watch yourself do comedy. Before Joe's segment, Tom talks about the joys of torturing Charo and cold plunges. Also, they may have found a new cool guy in Jesse Peterson. Ta ta there!

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This week on your mom's house and it was that thing of like should we get our fault like because if he hits this woman


I really want the views


You should vote if you're a woman and you're listening don't vote


You're not ready


In in herks defense. Yeah, he kind of looks like a chomo. What is Chomo for those of us the chump?


Oh, I was thinking a chump homo




Welcome to your mom's house


Boop-boop-boop-sock-va luxury mattress. I just had a friend


Stay the night at my house and they slept on the luxury firm


King'sides and they said to me Christina


Do you guys really sleep on the salt is this really sought-va in your house?


And I go yeah, buddy check it out and she said we're looking for a king size mattress


I said you got to do sodva. Did you like what you slept on as a guest then just buy the dang thing and what you can do is go to


Soffa.com the shit right now to get $200 off your next


Sautva purchase because you're my friend now, okay?


And I hook up my friends. You're gonna love the mattress you sleep on because you're gonna get a nice


juicy big fat


King size mattress for a fraction of the cost why soffa doesn't have ridiculous overheads


They don't have a showroom. They don't have to pay some sales guy to fool you into buying something you don't want


Because soffa's product is so good. It's made right here in the US of a they do a 90 day in home trial


Let's say they don't like it send it right back


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