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Spittin Silly - Food Court 9

Face Jam

Striking Distance LLC

Comedy, Arts, Food, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 19 September 2023

⏱️ 37 minutes

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Order in the court, the FOOD COURT! Our Hero Judges are back to rule on more cases from you loyal bugs. This week it's dunking cookies in liquids other than milk, mashed potato toppings, and the worst place to dispose of uneaten food. Sponsored by HelloFresh http://hellofresh.com/50facejam Code 50facejam, Katos Coffee http://katoskoffee.com, and Fitbod http://fitbod.me/FACEJAM Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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It's time for spitten silly the Fortnite podcast where anything can happen and it probably does I am your host Jordan swears alongside my co-host Michael Jones. Hi, Michael. Hi, Jordan. How are you?


Not bad. I just ate some chick-fil-a.


So that's kind of. No, no, it's been two weeks. I mean, it's been two weeks, but I also just add some like I'm a convert.


Mm-hmm. Oh, okay. He's building a new one here his house. I think it's pretty cool. Yeah, there needs to be one on the way. Yeah.


Where is the chick-fil-a and a new McDonald's breakfast?


Yeah, I'm an investor in McDonald's breakfast. A new McDonald's breakfast.


That's the name of the place. Yeah, it's called McDonald's breakfast straight to the point.


That seems like something that would be in Las Vegas.


Just a place called McDonald's breakfast and they do breakfast all day. They would do a bad somehow. They up. Yeah, it's vague.


I know. It would be more expensive if you go. How does this suck? Yeah.


What the fuck?


That's a sucker. Food court. We got food court today. Yeah, we're doing a food court. By the time this is out, we've released the gavils.


Oh, great. Really? Yeah. So go to store our recipe.com if there's any gavils left. Go buy one. But we don't have any right now. No, we certainly don't. No.


That's weird. It's not. Well, I'm not surprised. I'm with him. It's not time yet. No.


So we have some food soon. We have some food court submissions.


This is one that we've talked about. We're going to get into it. Hands up in the air. This is what we talked about.


But we're going to get into it now. It's been weeks at this point.


Calvin. Hey, there are experienced eaters slash whatever legal title you hold this week. That's not like our titles change week to week.


Yeah, what are you talking about? Already up to a bad start. Wow. He's fired up. Wow.


Wow. I was having dinner with my brother and we decided to have some cookies afterwards. I poured myself a glass of milk to dunk my cookies.


And as if he wanted one, he said, no, because quote, I have water. That's fine. He proceeded to dunk his Oreos in water as I looked on in horror.


And he claims that is the softening of the cookie that is the good part about dunking in the milk and water can do just as good a job.


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