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Quiznos Big Fat Greek Sub

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🗓️ 26 September 2023

⏱️ 71 minutes

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In this episode, Michael Jones and Jordan Cwierz eat and review Quiznos new Big Fat Greek Sub so you know if it's worth eating. They also talk about the Spongmonkeys returning, why there are no Quiznos left, a truly impressive Snack courtesy of Tony's Treatz, and more. Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/facejampod and Instagram instagram.com/facejampod. Sponsored by Factor (http://factormeals.com/facejam50 Code facejam50), Shady Rays (http://shadyrays.com Code FACEJAM for 50% off 2 or more pairs of polarized sunglasses), and DoorDash (Download the DoorDash app and enter code JAMMERSFALL to get 50% off your first order (up to a $20 value) and zero delivery fees.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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I'm your host Michael Jones. My friends call me Mike. Alongside my colors, Jordan Swear is Jordan. How are you? I had to take a picture of this headset and take two.


No, no, we just don't take to talk about that part out. So we can remain monetized figure it out. Oh my God. What?


He put some wacky headphones on this guy. There's a lot going on with Michael. Big day. Big day going big guy going bananas.


Michael needed to harness some energy before the episode starts. So he just dove right in. Yeah. Sometimes what you gotta do is I gain power from words. Yeah. Oh yeah.


Yeah, when I called the audience an asshole just now, it made me stronger. It really puts you on top. Yeah. Yeah. Just it gave me a little boost. I needed now who's strong.


I don't know how the


He's going to be the whole episode is just going to be us mad at quizzes. This is going to be good. I mean, they're the butt of the joke anyway. They were the butt of the joke before we did the episode.


I can't believe we went there again. I can't believe we went there once. What do we mean? Oh, just today? Yeah, or last time? Nope. Just today. We'll learn more about last time next week.


Like a little bit later. We ate the big fat Greek subs that's going with the movie. Yeah, the movie is coming out soon. My big fat Greek subs three question.


That's that's that's the movie where the family that got married and stuff are now running of new franchise of Quiznos.


Whoa. Yeah. That's that's probably. The dad just wants to feed everyone euros. Yeah. And so they made this.


I don't buy a franchise. We need this. This is more tie-in than Quiznos did. You realize that. Like what you just did is more than they ever did. I guarantee you this is an accident.


They don't know that there's a third movie coming out. And they're just like, whoa, dude, we got a Greek sandwich. It's called my big fat Greek sub.


The thing about Quiznos is that they are there with the AMPTP. And they are trying to scab as hard as they can. That's true. This kind of promotion. Yes. But the producers don't want anything to do with Quiznos. Here's the thing. No, it doesn't because this doesn't have anything to do with the fucking movie.


Everyone else is like, Quiznos is trying real hard and everyone else is like, Quiznos. They're the bill more of restaurants. We're going to scab.


You know who? Well, they could have they could they eat Quiznos on Drew Barrymore show. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And just like just like her, we're going to put Quiznos in their place.




Jordan did some sort of like karate chopping. Did you see the thing on TikTok that after she announced that she was doing that like her show or whatever.


There was a woman that was like, here's Drew Barrymore saying that she's returning to her show. I would think that within a week she'll be filming a video of her hair is messy.


And she's sitting cross-legged on the ground apologizing for what she did. And then it's a stitch of that woman later show the Drew Barrymore apology.


She went, two out of three and bad.


That one really confused.


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