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Solo Birthday Q&A: Age-Related Pressures, Embracing Life’s Journey at Every Stage, Life Lessons from my 20s and 30s

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

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🗓️ 10 October 2023

⏱️ 40 minutes

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In honor of Marianna’s birthday and Libra season, she is here to answer your most asked questions and provide the big sister pep talk you've been wanting. In a world overly fixated on age and expectations, Marianna shares her wisdom on why she's embracing life's timelines at her own pace. She covers a range of subjects, from navigating career and life purpose to dealing with health anxiety and aging skincare essentials. Marianna discusses why she believes societal norms lead to unnecessary anxiety and shares a low-pressure birthday celebration approach. Tune in for inspiration and a fresh perspective on life's journey.


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Hi, I'm Sif Hyder, the founder of Array. I'm a wellness entrepreneur and digital creator,


and this is my show, The Dream Bigger Podcast. Listen, I love dreaming big,


but you know what I love more? Actually having the resources to make those big dreams happen.


And hey, dreams can sometimes be private jets, but other times they can look a little


something like having the best skin of your damn life, or starting a successful business,


or delving into spirituality. So on this podcast, I chat with experts and thought leaders from


different fields about their tips and tricks on doing exactly that. Remember to subscribe,


we drop new episodes every Tuesday, so see you then.


Hi, I'm Mariana. I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays, and this is the Life with Mariana podcast.


In this episode, I am celebrating my birthday. My birthday is on October 10th, and I am turning


37 years old. I'm fine about my age. I feel great. I feel really happy in the place that I am in my


life, but I wanted you guys to ask me some questions about my age, my birthday, how I feel.


So I answered a few from you guys about the best things about getting older. Do I want kids?


Advice on finding your passion and pivoting career in your 30s. How to spend your birthday,


whether it's alone, what makes me cry and laugh, and if I feel anxious about my upcoming age


of turning 40 in a few years. I answer these questions, and so many more in this episode, so keep


listening, and don't forget to subscribe to my podcast on Apple podcasts, or follow on Spotify,


because I've got new episodes every Tuesday. And a little birthday gift, if you'd love to give me


one, is a five-star rating review. All you have to do on Spotify is tap the five stars, and if you're


on Apple, tap five stars, and leave me a little rating, because it would mean so much to me,


and it's so helpful to the show. And before we get into the episode, I'll do this week's life


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