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Huda Kattan on Turning Virality into a Business: Social Media, Her Daily Routines, and Her Advice on Creating a Personal Brand

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

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🗓️ 3 October 2023

⏱️ 42 minutes

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Huda Kattan, makeup artist and founder of Huda Beauty, shares her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and how she built her confidence as a brand founder. Discover the secrets of how Huda transformed her followers into a thriving enterprise and why, in her view, the quality of trust matters more than the quantity of followers. Gain insights into her innovative approach to product launches, her daily makeup routine as a source of inspiration, and the bedtime rituals that ensure her success. Delve into the dynamics of working with family, the evolution of social media, and Huda's invaluable advice for creators looking to build their personal brand.


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Hi, it's Maryanna. I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays and host of The Life with Mary


in a Podcast. In this episode, I've had a katana. She is the founder of Hota Beauty,


and I'm so excited to have her on because I've been a fan of her brand, a friend for so long,


ever since she launched the brand with just eyelashes. So before then, I was following her on Instagram,


and she's done such an amazing job of taking an online platform and virality and turning it into


a business. It's not easy to build an online community, but it's even harder to turn that community


into customers, and not only has she done that, but she's maintained longevity as a creator.


And so I wanted to ask her all about her brand, which she's done, how she's grown the brand.


I'm always so fascinated by successful people and what their routines are. So I had to ask her


about what she does in the morning, the evening, her books, she reads, the practices that she has,


and we figured out we do a lot of the same things and that we're very similar with our loves.


We also are both Libres. Our birthdays are both coming up in October. And before we get into the


episode, I have to tell you guys about so many fun Summer Fridays things that are available now.


So you might have seen that we just launched our new sweet mint lip butter bomb. That is permanent


to Summer Fridays. You guys can always get that, but we have a couple limited edition special


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