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Side Jobs with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

In Bed with Nick and Megan


Relationships, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 16 December 2019

⏱️ 64 minutes

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Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey get in bed with Nick and Megan to talk about late-night talk show stories, side jobs and on-set injuries at The Office.

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Everybody loves a lover. I'm a lover. Everybody loves me anyhow. Best, how I feel.


Wow, I feel just like a polyanna.


Hello and welcome to the beloved internationally acclaimed podcast in bed with


Nick and Megan starring the preposterously glamorous Nick offerman. Good afternoon.


And featuring Megan Malally with special guests. What do I do? Nick.


Jenna Fisher. No one of stage and screen but mainly of the office.


A character named Pam. I did. And you may be in the apocalypse, which you guys will get to that.


And the illustrious Angela Kinsey. Thank you. Thank you. You got my note of how to introduce me.


Also primarily known from the office. And then beloved from everything else too.


Thank you. Just like us. Yeah. Can I ask a quick tangential question since we introduced you.


So because you guys were on the American office. Yeah. I have the good fortune of having a lot of fans approach and say,


Hey, I like you on you that show. But because of the from the office, sort of the next generation came


out of the office and the next generation and also community, which was concurrent, it was unattached,


but it was also another weird municipal generic name. So the whole time people have said to me,


they would often say, I love you on community or I love you on the office. Perhaps more than Parks and Recreation.


Did you guys eventually suffer from that or because you were original gangsters? Everyone knows your show.


And you can only get the office. That's it. Well, I will say in the very beginning, like no one watched our show,


right? Like nobody. And so we would go places. I remember we went to like what we went to the Ivy.


The Ivy. We're very excited. And we went and it was Phyllis and Jenna and myself.


And we're going to and Kate. We're going to have an office ladies lunch at the Ivy because that's where you go.


That's where you go when you're an important actor. When you get a job. Right? That's what we thought.


I mean, that's the spot. Yeah. And we saw that in a movie.


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