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Acting with Lisa Kudrow

In Bed with Nick and Megan


Relationships, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 23 December 2019

⏱️ 63 minutes

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Lisa Kudrow gets in bed with Nick and Megan to talk about series finales, successful relationships and powering through the goofiness of her first acting class.

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Everybody loves a lover. I'm a lover. Everybody loves me anyhow. Backs how I feel. Wow, I feel just like a polyamor.


Are we ready to make history? Make magic. Yeah.


Hi, hi. All right, everybody. Welcome to yet another sin to be beloved installment of the number one smash hit podcast in bed with Nick and Megan.


Number one. Starring the illustrious Nick Offerman featuring Megan Malale and with today's very special guest star.


The one and only Lisa Kudra. Welcome to our bed. Thank you. She's afraid to put her feet on the bed. I'm working out other. I have one foot come up. It's here. One foot. Do you have a spooky foot?


No, but it's just so wrong to me. It's bad. Look at you have an immaculate pedicure. Yes, I do. Well, no, I don't because look at what would happen there.


Trust me. If you saw what was the centimeter of if you saw what was under these little socks, you would feel just fine about that's right. Then I'll just say thank you. Yeah, thank you for the


good. It always has a lot of. Sleshing. Yeah, so just look at his legs. I live hard with.


And great. Good to meet you got one right here right now. They're right now that we're seeing the result of some Minnesota mosquito bites. He's very short.


Oh, dear listener. And we also have another special guest star on the bed with us. Our dog over. Oops, she just left.


She's not comfortable on the bed. She got self conscious about her feet from you. She picked up on your vibe. Sorry.


Sorry, Clover. So we are going to freestyle it because Lisa didn't have a topic that she necessarily felt like she needed to talk about on a podcast today.


And I understand that. So let's just talk about what abs. Yeah, let's get. Let's jump into these trade deals with China. Oh, yeah, I think God.


Like set us up. Lisa. I'm going to express my opinion publicly about anything political. How did we meet originally at some NBC thing probably probably. And then we decided to have a lunch.


Oh, we have a lunch. Yes, because you're a producer. And that is something that I personally would like to talk about.


Because I think you're the first woman that I knew in Los Angeles who was producing television.


Oh, really? Yeah. Who had been on a show or an actress.


Yes, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So how did you get started doing that? Because I that was what our lunch was about. Yeah.


Yeah, why did you make the leap? Yeah. Well, because I knew that friends was going to be winding down.


Like 2003. I think we understood that the following year was going to be it. And I thought, well, if I do another show, I'd like to be a creative producer.


I'd like to have a hand in whatever that is. And luckily, we were at Warner Brothers and they were giving out vanity deals.


And I thought, well, I don't care that it's a vanity deal. I'm going to actually produce.


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