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S6 E4: The WORST Moto Purchases

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


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🗓️ 7 October 2022

⏱️ 119 minutes

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Sometimes buying a motorcycle doesn’t quite live up to our expectations. You can do all the research but sometimes you just get disappointed or worse, a lemon. The associate editor of Common Tread, Andy Greaser is no stranger to finding lemons but he also loves turning those lemons into lemonade. Andy joins Spurg and Zack to chat about some of the worst motorcycle purchases they’ve ever made. Have you had a bike purchase turn out to be not quite what you expected? Let us know!

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Hello, hi side low-side audience. I am Spurgeon Dunbar. I'm joined of course as always by my co-host Zachary Quartz


And we have one heck of an episode for you in store here. This is episode four of season six


In our not the new segment today. We're gonna be talking about Norton


There are some new owners there


We're gonna then move on to the meat potatoes of the discussion which today is gonna be all about bad moto purchases


We are joined by Andy Greaser our staff writer for comment read and he's gonna stick around for the rev trivia motorcycle engine sound


guessing game


We're then going to give away a t-shirt for those of you brave enough to leave us a review on Apple podcasts and


As always we're gonna close out the episode with addressing some comments that you have sent in via email or have left on our


YouTube channel


But before we do any of that, let's get in the word from our sponsor motel


Yes indeed if you go to revzilla.com slash motel. You'll see all manner of products. You'll see coolant oil chain clean


Chain wax chain loop


What else helmet cleaner all kinds of things to keep you and your motorcycle up and running smoothly if you go to the top of the page


There you'll see a motel logo alongside a high-side low-side logo and that's because motel has sponsored high-side low-side for


Almost as long as any of us can remember so we very much appreciate motel sponsorship and


If you would like to support high-side low-side the next time you or your motorcycle means some maintenance


You can go to revzilla.com slash motel. That's revzilla.com slash M O T U L


So we are back for yet another episode of


America's favorite motorcycle podcast


How have things been in your world? Mr. Quartz since I've talked you last


Oh, we're just we're struggling with the heat wave here just like so many other places in the world


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