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S6 E11: More Listener’s Comments and Message from Spurg’s Dad

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


Motorcycles, Automotive, Leisure, Motorcyclenews, Revzilla

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🗓️ 13 January 2023

⏱️ 119 minutes

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Zack & Spurgeon are back at it again with another round of listener’s comments from this past season of Highside/Lowside. Tune in to see if your comment gets featured and for a special message from everyone’s favorite, Spurgeon’s Dad, Spurgeon Sr.

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Good day, everybody. Welcome to High Side Low Side. This is season six episode 11. My name is


that. Of course, I am joined as always by Spurgeon Dunbar in our episode today. We've got a


not the news segment about how the KTM 790 adventure is back. We're going to give away a t-shirt


of course and give out some sage advice from an 11 year old. The discussion this time around will


be High Side Low Side comments. That's right. It is an entire episode addressing the comments,


questions, and concerns that you, the viewers, and listeners of High Side Low Side have. There


is no guest today. The inmates are running the asylum and after we play the rev trivia game at


the end, we will let you go. Before we dive into this episode though, Spurgeon's got a word from


our sponsor, Motool. Motool has impressed me yet again with their Motool A2 air filter oil spray.


So if you've never used a foam oil filter before, the beauty of it is it's reusable. You can clean


it, you oil it, and it goes back to work. And that oil helps to trap all those additional little


dust particles that might get past the normal air filter and into your engine causing harm.


So on both of my KTMs, I run a foam air filter and now I can keep it clean and tidy with Motool 8


who air filter oil sprays say that 10 times fast. You can learn more about Motool products over


at Revisola.com slash Motool that's Revisola.com slash M-O-T-U-L while you're there. Check out the


RPM program. A lot of great benefits if you are an RPM member including free two-day shipping.


Revver Pro is given to you for free. We talked about Revver in a previous episode a little bit here.


You're also going to get a content magazine sent to you. It's the Common Tread Journal. We've got two


issues that with a third one on the way. All that and plus you also get $15 for just signing up.


That will cover your Motool purchase if you so choose to get some air filter spray.


Enough of all of this. Learn more. Head over to Revisola.com slash RPM. And with that, let's kick


things off.


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