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S6 E10: The Real Deal With Moto Gear

Highside / Lowside: Motorcycle Podcast


Motorcycles, Automotive, Leisure, Motorcyclenews, Revzilla

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🗓️ 30 December 2022

⏱️ 121 minutes

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The world of motorcycle gear is an intimidating place for beginners and seasoned riders alike. With ever changing standards and material science always advancing at a hare’s pace, sometimes it takes an expert to understand all the goings on with motorcycle apparel. Joining Zack and Spurg is RevZilla’s own product expert, Pat McHugh whom you may remember modeling much of the gear in our product review videos. Tell us your thoughts on moto gear!

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Spurred here to welcome you back to another exciting episode of high-side low-side. I am joined of course by Zach


Quartz and if you are following along in numerical order, this is episode 10 of season six and today


We have a not the new segment really focused on the fact that it's gonna be a new year our discussion is going to focus on


Motorcycle gear we've got our expert Pat McEw joining us. He's gonna play some rev trivia the


Motorcycle engine sound guessing game. We've also got a t-shirt winner for the individual that gave us the best podcast review as well as some




Cobbence that Zach and I are gonna read out loud highlighting some of our favorite comments of the past few weeks


But before we do any of that, Zach, let's get in the word from our sponsor Motul


Yes, indeed


Some of you may know Motul makes many products for the two-wheeled lifestyle engine oil chain care kits


Helmet clean break fluid the list goes on you could buy these products from other companies if you wanted to but as a


High-side low-side listener what you would not be doing if you purchased products other than Motul is supporting high-side low-side


So next time you need any products such as those do check out RevZilla dot com slash Motul to shop Motul products and support high-side low-side


That's RevZilla dot com slash Motul M O T U L and while you're on RevZilla dot com


Make sure you check out RevZilla dot com slash rpm


Perhaps you didn't get what you wanted this holiday season and you need to do some shopping on your own by joining RevZilla's


RPM program you get extra discounts on exclusive brands as well as


$15 cashback and 5% cashback in RPM bucks. There's plenty of


Extra discounts to be had that could help you buy a few extra items that maybe your best loved one just didn't give you this


Holiday season and you want to treat yourself


So if you haven't already done so check out RevZilla dot com slash rpm for more information, but with that let's start the podcast


Okay, don't get everybody episode 10 of season six. We are


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