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Playoff NBA Tap In

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

The Players' Tribune

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🗓️ 12 May 2023

⏱️ 30 minutes

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Q and D are tappin’ in before two critical Game 6s coming up tonight between the Knicks and Heat, and the Lakers and Warriors. The guys touch on Denver eliminating Phoenix and where the Suns will go from here. They also give major props to Jayson Tatum after his comeback performance in last night's Celtics-Sixers game. Tap in as we get deeper into the playoffs!

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Yo yo yo we live on location with another tap in these playoffs and he's not black


they getting crazy out here man to kick it off man we got a game seven on the horizon


whatever but tonight we got a few game sixes for bigger than any of that last night man


Denver became the first team to move on to the conference finals as they beat the suns down


125 to 100 but it really was a little bit worse than that like black was is it time to stop


disrespecting and pushing respect on the Denver Nuggets name bruh is it is it finally time


because you if we remember coming into the season they weren't getting the line I mean in the playoffs


not to season the playoffs they weren't getting the proper respect I feel what you what you think


think it's time to stop disrespecting them they came in the hands of business they look like the


number one team the whole series they're playing against the dynamic duo that uh they tried them a


little bit you know but they wind up taking care of business I think it's time to not disrespect them


like they have a deep team one of the deepest teams in the NBA I've been saying it all year and I think


the suns just the problems they had just called up with them losing Deandre Aden right before


game six that was a real problem and like I say they depth they depth the guys that really know


they rose and know they from the play these specific minutes whether it's 15 whether it's 20


minutes all that called up with them at the end of that game and uh Denver came in the


points of dead in the mouth and finished it on all I'll be interested to see if Deandre Aden


returns I don't see him coming back I remember if you remember from last season whatever happened


at the end of the playoffs when he when we first saw Deandre Aden in preseason and they interview


one of the first things we we saw him say was that he hadn't talked to money Williams and so that


to me that was that was the obvious problem they had to come you know the contract dispute or whatever


that was and you know he made comments that was kind of like what on that it wasn't like you know


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