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NBA Playoffs Tap In: Finals Edition

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

The Players' Tribune

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🗓️ 31 May 2023

⏱️ 28 minutes

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We are here … the 2023 NBA Finals is about to get underway and we’re tappin’ in to cover it. Q and D touch on what the Heat had to do to overcome the Celtics’ comeback, what they expect to be the key matchups in this Finals between the Heat and the Nuggets, and why they think this series is going to be much tighter than everyone thinks. Tune in to hear their predictions … which just may surprise you. There’s nothing like the Finals, tap in!

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Yo yo yo we live on location with another knuckleheads taping and dealing with these NBA




Black we finally hear we finally made it the NBA finals has been set.


We got the Denver Nuggets represent the West Miami Heat.


A 18 ladies and gentlemen represent the East Thursday night in the mile high city we


got game one we got look two teams they had big time big time different routes to get


here to the finals but hey I still think it's gonna be a dope finals we got but before


we get into that preview black for we get to them finals for you we got to close out


and talk about how crazy and wild the Eastern Conference finals was you know it started


out looking like it could be real ugly for Miami like Miami might go ahead and


sweep bring out them bronze in yeah Boston roar back and get them a three p straight


all the lead up the game seven tell me what you think of that game seven black.


Man I was excited for game seven this series this playoffs just been crazy let me say


it's been a crazy playoffs but the game seven I was excited for it I was hoping for


a good game it was sad to see Tatum get hurt first play of the game first shot of the


game I think that kind of threw the rhythm off with the Celtics Jalen Brown had a bad


game yeah eight turnovers I feel like man once Jason got hurt it just it shuffled everybody


itself with white he was he was the only one that had some type of energy out there and


it was just playing hard and was trying to fight it looked like but everybody else seemed


like they was just kind of a little bit stagnant that's a big building out of it that's


the air out the building right there when he when he came down on Gabe Vincent's foot


and rolled it in when he was sitting there and holding the same the whole building fell


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