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🗓️ 13 May 2024

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Season 2 of Crime Waves tells the story of The Texas Renaissance Festival, the largest — and rowdiest — ren fair in the nation. A place where reality and fantasy are blurred. You may think it’s all tights and turkey legs, but what if we told you that the festival has a dark side, too? Over the years, this ren fair has been the scene of murders, assaults, and other assorted crimes. We went to the fair to investigate this place where people live out their carnal fantasies and figure out just exactly how that could become so dangerous. But we didn't expect to find danger for us. ~~~ Crime Waves: Renaissance, TX is a collaboration of Faceplant and QCODE, in association with No Smiling. ~~~ Follow us On Instagram @QCODEMedia | @faceplantmediapodcasts | @StickFigureProductions | @NoSmilingMedia On Twitter @QCODEMedia | @faceplantmedia | @StickFigurePro | @NoSmilingMedia ~~~ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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They say everything's bigger in Texas, even Renaissance Fares. In fact, the Texas Renaissance Festival is the largest Renfaire in America.


A lot of Flintstonestone sized turkey legs.


This year we're expecting easily half a million people.


It's also the rowdyest.


I couldn't smell pheromones in the air right now.


It's either pheromones or cheese curds.


And it's a place where you can throw on an old-timey costume and lose yourself if you want to.


You walk in and suddenly you're somewhere like, Sterling Forest, 1602. You get to be someone else. It's been run for nearly 50 years by an eccentric 86 year old


named King George Coulomb, who's also the mayor of the tiny town where it happens.


We hired cowboys to do the jousting,


and, lo and behold, they just used to beat the shit out of each other.


He'll go down in history of one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs right here.


He is a genius.


You may think it's all tights and turkey legs.


But what if I told you that King George's Empire has a dark side too?


He rules with an iron fist. Three things make George take, power, sex, and money.


George just gets a whim and he fires three or four people.


I'm not sure he feels like the law applies to him,


and I'm not sure it does in the county that he's married.


And over the years, this Renfair has been the scene of many crimes of power.


It took about 17 years to find out exactly what happened,


which was that somebody was killed.


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