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Introducing: Birds of Empires Season 2


QCODE & Endeavor Content

Drama, Fiction, Arts

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🗓️ 12 February 2024

⏱️ 45 minutes

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New Dakota: 15,000 CE, thousands of years after the fall of our civilization. The Earth has reclaimed the cities and glories of the modern world, returning humanity to a way of life that recalls advanced, ancient civilizations. The histories of the old world survive only as myths and legends. Our tale focuses on four heroes from the great tribes of what was once South Dakota. They are known as : The Wolves, The Rams, The Bears, and the Birds. Book I : The Dawn Age introduced us to the world and the heroes who we’ll follow as we chart the rise of the first Empire of this new world. Book II : The Seed of Whiterock, begins to weave our worlds and hero quests together as their destinies collide amidst the backdrop of war, natural catastrophes, inflamed rivalries, new alliances, loves and losses. All of them will be tested as the world heaves toward its new age, The Dawn Age. A place where new legends are born and a time when all things return. Listen to the rest of the season and catch up before the finale on February 22nd! ~~~ Created by Jason Lew. From QCODE, makers of fantastic audio fiction. Visit QCODEMedia.com to learn more. ~~~ Follow us On Instagram @QCODEMedia On Twitter @QCODEMedia Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Birds of Empire is presented by Hello Fresh.


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Hi listeners, we're excited to introduce the next chapter in the Birds of Empire Saga. Season 2 continues our hero's journey as destinies collide, Revolution Bruze, and new alliances are formed.


Listen now and catch up before the season finale on February 22nd.


Hello listeners, be advised that this show is an immersive audio experience.


It may seem like sounds are coming from the sides or behind you.


Listener discretion is advised, as this content is intended for adult audiences only.


For more details, see the episode description.


Kukud presents Birds of Empire season 2, created by Jason Lou. birth is but the promise of death.


So goes an ancient proverb of the wolves,


people of the grass.


There were many times the words would wash over Azira. Once, while soaked in blood, lids heavy as she


knelt, asking her sister to possess her blade. To her enemy, she would become the de- to her


enemy she would become the demon of white rock.


To her people she would become much more.


But now a child of the plains, spear in hand the thrill of a night hunt, a wish,


a nightmare, a dream, all in a single moment.


The new children of gods must make their way against the winds of fate with no shelter.


For they are the shelter.


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