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On the Record with Shanita Hubbard

Culture Kings



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🗓️ 20 July 2020

⏱️ 69 minutes

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Social Activist and Author Shanita Hubbard joins Jacquis to talk about the HBO Max documentary On The Record, black men showing up for black women, and more.

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What's up everybody? Welcome back to Culture Kings y'all today we got a special episode is me riding solo for this


one no edgur on today's episode you know we both are gonna just to let you guys know in the next upcoming episodes most of them will still be together but there going to be a couple where he's writing solo I'm'm writing solo. Surprisingly, we both are still busy during quarantine.


So, you know, don't be alarmed by that, it's nothing too crazy,


just things here and there. but today is a little bit of a


special episode you know normally this show is I don't want to say it's a light-hearted


show we were never scared to talk about whatever we need to talk about. We're never


scared to have conversations that need to be heard.


And you know, for the most part, it's a comedy podcast. It's a comedy pop culture podcast, but in the culture,


as a straight black man as a cis straight black man


one thing that I lack I don't want to speak for Edgar, but black men in general lack is our care for black women.


One thing that we lack is standing up for our black women and especially during the Me Too movement.


As we say Black Lives Matter, we can't forget that our women in general I'm not you know obviously don't


don't be dumb and think I'm saying anything beyond what I'm saying, but black women


matter and their stories matter and we need to do a better job and taking care of these women and


to and and listening and giving them the platform that we have so often taken away as we have shoved, unfortunately, our


women of color, very low on the totem pole when it comes to our change for justice in many


facets. So I am not an interviewer. I don't consider myself an interviewer I am not an expert at


anything except maybe the OC and Chuck and you know wrestling or some in the Bulls and the Cubs you know those the only things I'll say I'm an expert at


But I thought it was a good opportunity to have somebody on from an upcoming or a show that's already out I should say on HBO Max called on the record which is a show or a film on HBO Max about examining the sexual


assault allegations against hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. Our guest today is


Shenita Hubbard. She was on that actual documentary. She's a very, very great guest. She is a social activist. She knows the


hip-hop game. I think she is a voice that, you know, among many voices of women of


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