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Inside Inside the NBA with Kenny "the Jet" Smith

Culture Kings



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🗓️ 13 July 2020

⏱️ 65 minutes

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NBA royalty Kenny "the Jet" Smith joins Edgar and Jacquis to talk about his virtual basketball camp Jet Academy, what the NBA is like "in the bubble", and more!

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culture kings.


What's the most insulting thing anybody's ever said to you at?


Um... ever said to you at? Um, I mean, I guess the memory that comes to my mind, and I don't like any time that this happens, but


I was at a film festival, and this person didn't say this to me, but I was at a film festival and this person didn't say this to me but I was at a film festival or a movie of mine played and this girl in front of me was voting on whether my film would be up for the audience favorite award and it was like a 1 through 10 rating and she gave it a 3 and then crossed it out and put 4 and that to me is the most insulting thing when someone insults you but then updates it to be a little bit better. I'm like that's works. I don't want that for it.


Oh shit he right there. Let me go ahead. But it wasn't even that she was just like I'll give him a four I don't want that pity a point I don't want that pity extra point


So you were to write the the lower score? I yeah


Jakee if you found out it would be like if you found out that I don't even know what the comparison is I have to really think on it but it's just like


It's not like game like if I found out that like I was two votes away from an Oscar and then two people were like,


I guess I'll give it to him. Yes. Or...


Okay, Jekes, what if you were on this TV show for seven seasons and you were heralded and everyone loves you but that you found out that the only reason why you're on that show is because Carl Tart was like,


I wouldn't do that shit even if they paid me. Seven seasons here? I want to give a


shit then. Maybe after the first couple episodes.


Seven seasons in, I've proven myself at that point.




I've got nothing else to prove after seven seasons.


Even if the show's called Konin' in the house?


I really ain't got shit to prove if I'm heralded for doing the show called coonin' in the house.


I didn't, I arrived.


I mean, I didn't say who was heralding you.


People were heralding you.


Yeah man, being heralded by the whites is just as good as being heralded by the blacks baby.


But you know what I'm saying? It's a thing of consolation prize that I feel what you're saying now that to me is the most insulting thing


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