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NBA Draft Edition: Tony Parker Special

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

The Players' Tribune

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🗓️ 21 June 2023

⏱️ 35 minutes

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We live on location from the Spotify studios in NYC for NBA draft week — and joined by Sir Tony Parker live from Cannes. Q and D touch on the draft this week, while France’s own Victor Wembanyama talks with Tony to get his thoughts on his fellow Frenchman and future Spur. Tony explains why he thinks San Antonio is the perfect fit for Victor, and also discusses his own draft process, which included a fall all the way to pick 28, where he landed with the Spurs. Tony touches on other draftees and looks forward to his Hall of Fame ceremony at the end of the summer. It’s a Tony Parker draft special, with France on top of everyone’s mind. Tune in!

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Yo yo yo we live on location from the Spotify studios here in New York City.


Today we tap in the internationally man we got Sir Tony Park all the way from the Spotify


beach and cans friends.


Shout out to Spotify for hookin' this up and giving us that international connection man.


We appreciate y'all joining the same getting with us.


I appreciate you coming on here with us T.P. and hookin' up in cans man.


Thanks for having me guys thanks for having me.


Yes sir. Yes sir.


Miss Draft we can't NYC and as you are very well aware of T.P.


France is all the talk right here this week in New York with the intending first pick.


The young fella Victor Wimboyama.


I mean we gonna get into him.


We gonna get into young Victor but we want to take it all the way back to 2001 man.


This is one year after we was drafted.


Aspires grabbed you at the 28th pick.


Do you remember what you was feeling leading up to the draft that week T.P.?


Man it was crazy.


It was a crazy two weeks because I did like 15 workouts and travel every city.


You know you have to think about it like back in the day you know your pains was not as high right now.




Any European can be drafted but back then it was no European point guard and it was tough to be drafted.


And so that's why I did a lot of workouts.


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