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NBA Draft Edition: Anthony Black

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

The Players' Tribune

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🗓️ 22 June 2023

⏱️ 14 minutes

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We got another Knuckleheads Draft Edition on the day of the 2023 NBA draft. Q and D sit down with Arkansas guard and projected lottery pick Anthony Black. Anthony talks about learning from NBA coaches in college, being recruited for football in high school, and the fit he’s bringing on draft night. Tap in!

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Yo yo yo we live on location New York City NBA draft is on deck and we got with us a very special guest today


From Arkansas we got Anthony Black in the building man. We appreciate you joining the young fellow. Don't can veal Texas finest. Yes, sir. So


We here for the draft and I know you preparing for the driver. Who do you look forward to playing first when you get to the NBA?


Who do you look for to either matching up or a team that you look playing?


I probably KD KD. Yeah, easy mind looking for that matchup. Yeah, that's dope. You know they just got Bradley Bill loaders a little load.


They got squad. Duncanville Texas so growing up in Duncanville Texas. Who was your NBA team that you was watching all the time?


Was it one of the Texas teams or you used to use the words? Now I'm I mean I'm from Dallas. I was always a rocket fan. I don't know why.


Oh, but when I was like middle school, I was from James Harden them. They was going crazy on the rockets. So okay, that was my squad.


Hey, I thought you bought at least a T-maker son. I mean, you should really go ahead. You're overhead right now.


You went about that James Harden rockets. Another Hall of Fame. When you came out, you was one of the highest high school picks out there.


How was your Allen Iverson classic? The last time I've seen you use it the Allen Iverson game and I know that's like a experience that you don't get from any other basketball class.


How was the Allen Iverson basketball class for you? It was good. Like you said, it was a little different than the other events.


But we got to go to the museum. It was like it was really powerful and we did like a lot of stuff off the court, too, which is good.


So it was cool. Yeah, seeing former NBA players. Yeah. I was.


How was it for you growing up? And you play everything basically soccer baseball football. You was good at all of them.


How did it shake out that you just decided to go hoop? Is it because you took off in the high area?


Yeah. I don't know. I was really down the football and basketball like throughout high school in my junior year.


So I kind of wanted to hoop, but I don't have offers yet in basketball. So I was playing football.


Just the backup plan, ladies and gentlemen. So it's the difference that football takes you through a tremendous beating.


And then you get hit all the time and all that stuff and basketball, you know, they can kind of see you.


You know, you can, you can let the hurrah out, you know, and do all that stuff. So that's why you chose basketball.


No, that's not why I chose it. Why you chose basketball?


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