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MURDERED: Candace Rough Surface

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True Crime

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🗓️ 6 December 2021

⏱️ 39 minutes

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When young mother goes missing from the reservation border town of Mobridge, South Dakota, investigators struggle to find any leads in the case. A chance discovery along the muddy banks of the Missouri River answers one question. But it’ll take 15 years and a whole lot of chance to finally unravel the mystery of what happened – and why – on one fateful night in 1980.

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Hi, Crime Junkies. I'm your host, Ashley Flowers.


And I'm Britt.


And the story I have for you today is about the senseless murder of a young mother in South


Dakota back in 1980. A murder that would have likely gone unsolved until a bitter divorce


shook loose the lead of a lifetime, along with some uncomfortable truths. This is the story


of Candice Ruff Service.


It's breakfast time on the morning of Saturday, August 3rd in the tiny reservation town of


Kendall South Dakota. And a woman named Alberta Ruff Service is at home with her two-year-old


grandson, Homer. She's got her hands full already, so she's anxious for her daughter Candice,


who everyone just calls Candice, to get home and jump back into mom mode. You see, Candice


had gone out the night before to have some drinks with friends, and Alberta's been watching


Homer for her. And listen, she's happy to help. Like, Candice is a great mom who works hard


to provide for her son. But Alberta knows she's still an 18-year-old who likes to do 18-year-old


things, like heading out for some drinks at the bar with friends.


Wait, at 18?


Yeah, and it's actually on the up and up. According to Brian Bonner's reporting for the


monitor, at least one of the bars in Bowbridge, this one called Joker's Wild, is actually


able to serve low alcohol beer to people as young as 18, so they really like cater to


that market. Anyway, so Candice's plan is to spend the night in this town of Mobridge,


which is about a half an hour from Kennel. But as the day goes on, and Candice still hasn't


come home, Alberta starts to worry. She calls her daughter Clara thinking, you know, if


anyone's gonna know where Candice, it's her. And Clara tells her that she had seen


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