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Minnie Driver (Re-release)

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris

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🗓️ 11 October 2023

⏱️ 85 minutes

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Minnie Driver [Good Will Hunting, The Phantom of the Opera, Grosse Pointe Blank, Sleepers, I Give it a Year] talks with Anna about fame, humility, surfing, surprise tea-parties, inspirational poetry, bad relationships, great relationships, running from the law, home birth, cucumber sandwiches, and much more. Later in the episode, Anna and April Beyer talk with a listener whose partner’s anger management forces her to question their relationship.

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Hey everyone, you know the guest of today's flashback episode from Goodwill


Hunting, The Phantom of the Opera, Gross Point Blank, and a lot more. Here's mini driver.


Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to On Qualified with your host,


Anna Ferris.


Hi darling. Thank you so much for doing this.


I can't thank you enough for having me, honestly. It's obvious to see you look just the same.


And it's got to be, I was trying to work out when we made that film together,


because Henry was tiny. And I think you were pregnant.


I was pregnant. It was 2012. And mini, I want to tell you my first impressions of you.


I remember you coming on to set, I think maybe for just initially a wardrobe fitting.


And I remember like your long legs. And I think you were wearing like tall brown boots.


You were beyond glamorous and gorgeous. And, and then getting to act with you.


You're just marvelous, mini. Oh, you're so kind. I felt exactly the same way.


It was an absolute treat. It was so fun making that film for our listeners.


I met Mini in 2012 on a film called I Give it a Year, which we shot in London.


And I was five months pregnant. And I was starting to show I was really worried.


You look so cute. I was worried about you. I said, my God, I wouldn't want to.


I think you had to do a little bit of rolling around in your neck at this type thing.


I mean, you look very hot, but yeah, an aggressive threesome scene.


Yeah, I mean, not what you want to do in your five months pregnant.


Well, I suppose my tits look huge though. They looked enormous.


Yeah, but fantastic. Thank you.


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