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Glennon Doyle (Re-release)

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris

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🗓️ 4 October 2023

⏱️ 57 minutes

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Glennon Doyle, New York Times bestselling author, activist and podcaster, talks with Anna about marriage, infidelity, break-ups, co-parenting, self-loyalty, and figuring out what we want. Glennon also shares her cheetah story, how she met her wife, the best advice she can give and more. Later in the episode, Anna and April Beyer talk with a listener who was ghosted by her best friend.

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Hey everyone, you know the guest of today's flashback episode from her best-selling


memoirs, her podcast, and her tireless activism.


Here's Glennon Doyle.


Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to On Qualified with your host, Ana Ferris.


Glennon, I cannot thank you enough and I am so excited to talk to you.


Oh my God, of course, I'm so excited to meet you and be here.


I listened to Untamed and I'm so glad that I did because it rehashed so much of my own


journey and I was reflecting a lot and on our podcast, we also speak to our listeners


and we had a young woman who's going to get married, I realized because of Untamed


that I think she was asking for permission to leave.


I didn't know how to give this to her but I sure thought about you a lot and it is heartbreaking


and how common that is and I was there.


I've been married twice and the idea of the protocol, the steps that we've been taught,


this young woman was about to turn 30 and they bought a house together and she doesn't


know what to do.


I know it was really hard to listen to because it brought back a lot of my feelings in


my 20s when I got married at first at 27 and I'm sure that you can relate.


Oh yeah.


And there's no end to like what things make us believe that we can't change our minds.


I was talking to somebody recently who said that she knew walking down the aisle that


she did not want to marry, the person who was at the end of the aisle but she kept thinking


but I've ordered all this salmon mousse.


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