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Mike Bibby

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

The Players' Tribune

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🗓️ 8 August 2023

⏱️ 59 minutes

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Mike Bibby is in the building!! One of the original, original Jordan Brand members hops on Knuckleheads to chop it up with Q and D. He gets into winning the tournament with Arizona, as well as what it was like getting drafted by Vancouver to play for the Grizzlies. Mike relives those legendary 2000s Kings teams, playing with C Webb and why he thinks they should’ve had at least one championship during that stretch. And of course … he lists his all-time five favorite Jordan PE’s. We back live on location from XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas!

  1. ’96 McDonalds game, playing against Kobe (8:20)
  2. Winning NCAA tournament his freshman year at Arizona (11:30)
  3. Getting drafted to the Vancouver Grizzlies (16:09)
  4. Going to the Kings with C Webb, Vlade and Peja (25:57)
  5. Lakers-Kings rivalry (38:56)
  6. Bibby’s legendary Jordan collection (40:30)

About Our Hosts:

NBA veterans Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles are lifelong friends and bona fide truth-tellers. Listen as they invite special guests, high-profile athletes, musicians and entertainers to get brutally honest about everything from current events to untold stories from the golden era of sports and culture. Named for the on-court celebration they made wildly popular, this unfiltered, hilarious and surprising podcast is like playing NBA 2K with no fouls.

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First off man like man, we'll appreciate you coming on the show like I say man big fans of your game


We first got in the league


Playing against you in Vancouver then you get the Sacramento and start kicking. I said I was saying you


But you know, we always follow your career man


Been waiting a long time to get on man, we made it happen


Well, you first got to the league who was the first person to bust your head?


I want to


John Crowdy used to fuck me up


Roddy. I love karate. He was you tall. No, he would he might have been in Seattle then I think but he just


He used to fuck me up


I'm under like I'm looking you know, you look at him like you looking. I'm like I ain't gonna do nothing


He had to hurt you was herky jerky and he um, I mean Ben actually I used to I was never a defensive player


Yeah, but I mean


Quick was tough to go out to the quick that left. Yeah


Yep, that was tough too, man


Yo, yo, yo, we live on location beautiful laws Vegas Nevada


2023 NBA summer league we are here. You see the views and vibes we at the excess nightclub inside the encore at wein laws


Vegas and we are here. I got the blackest one you know he ain't here chilling when we got a very special guys


Man, we got Arizona's finest y'all. You know, I can't get a national champion one of the best a and one of the original


Original members of the team Jordan family, bro


We got Mike Bibby in the building chopping game with us. Don't be surprised y'all might hear a little sounds


We got the views and vibes. No, we got the beautiful pool right here as we appreciate the hospitality


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