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Danny Ainge

Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles

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🗓️ 15 August 2023

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We back this week with NBA royalty, as Celtics legend and current Jazz exec Danny Ainge joins Q and D on Knuckleheads. This man has done it all, played major league baseball, won multiple NBA championships as a player and constructed some all-time great hoops teams, and he gets into it all. Danny recalls his first time meeting Larry Bird and why Dennis Johnson is one of the more underrated players ever. He also discusses the formation of the Celtics’ Big 3 in 2008 and why he didn’t think getting Kevin Garnett was a possibility. Live on location from XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas, you won’t want to miss this one!

  1. Going to BYU, playing basketball and baseball (5:58)
  2. Playing for the Blue Jays, deciding on basketball (11:46)
  3. Getting drafted by the Celtics (16:34)
  4. Larry Bird (23:55)
  5. Celtics-Lakers rivalry (28:26)
  6. ‘86 Celtics and why they were the best team he played on (39:30)
  7. Playing for the Phoenix Suns with Charles Barkley (48:55)
  8. The backstory of forming of the Big 3; KG, Pierce and Ray (1:00:45)
  9. Evolution and history of the NBA (1:11:35)

About Our Hosts:

NBA veterans Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles are lifelong friends and bona fide truth-tellers. Listen as they invite special guests, high-profile athletes, musicians and entertainers to get brutally honest about everything from current events to untold stories from the golden era of sports and culture. Named for the on-court celebration they made wildly popular, this unfiltered, hilarious and surprising podcast is like playing NBA 2K with no fouls.

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Thank you for being on our show. You know you're a legend to us and we don't


watch so much film and you know just you being in the history of the game it's


an honor and a pleasure to have you on our show so we really really appreciate


you coming on show. Thanks for having me. Let's be fun. So the first question I


want to ask you when you first got to the NBA who was the first person to


bust your head? Well there was a guy by the name of Lynn Elmore.


Yes maybe I heard Lynn but he didn't really bust me but he he co-cocked me.


I'm coming off the screen in my very first game and he just like threw an


elbow right across my head knocking his head around. Welcome to the NBA


Brooke and it was a real awakening. Who's the first person to like give you


buckets like score like what you couldn't stop them and it was like you know


those are higher level than college. Well there were two guys that come to mind


and I don't remember the exact time timing of these games but I remember


Andrew Tony. Andrew Tony. Andrew Tony was a stud player and he had been


nicknamed the Boston Strangler because of how he had beat Boston the year


before in the playoffs. So now I'm coming in the next year and I'm guarding


Andrew Tony and all the guys on the team are like telling me like here's how


you got a garden. You got to be physical. You got to like you know get into his


body. Don't let him have a breath. So anyway I'm trying to be physical with


him. I mean he's just crushing me and I learned that game like no no no just


let him go where he wants and because he's not really a catch and shoot guys


like catch face-up rip going through you know beat the hell out of you. Get the


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