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Mastering the Art of Balancing: Motherhood, Business, and Fashion with Model turned Entrepreneur, Isabela Grutman

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

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🗓️ 21 November 2023

⏱️ 37 minutes

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Looking to learn tips for balancing it all? Isabela Grutman, a model turned entrepreneur shares her journey from being an international model to establishing herself in Miami while balancing marriage, motherhood and building businesses. She explains what motivated her to start her own companies, the challenges she’s encountered, and the invaluable lessons she’s learned along the way. She also goes into detail about the importance of having a good support system in place, and advice her husband David Grutman gave in pushing her forward. Additionally, Isabela gives advice about personal style, health habits, and maintaining one's energy.


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Hi guys, my name is Sarah Nicole and I am the host of the Papaya




Where each week we dish out some sweetness mixed in with some seeds of wisdom


all through candid conversations in a very real


intangible way. I want everyone to know that they're not alone and that we share in


these experiences called life and sometimes when we get to know somebody else's


story it changes ours a little bit as well.


So I want you to tune in with us on Mondays.


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You can tune in behind the scenes at the Papaya podcast and the Birds Papaya on


Instagram as well. Can't wait to see you next week. Hey, it's Mariana. I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays and hosts of the Life with


Mariana podcast. In this episode, I've got Isabella Grutman and she is a model-turned


entrepreneur. She has an amazing brand. She also works with a hair care brand Ick that I love and if you guys are listening to this episode just screenshot it and posted on your stories and tag me and Isabella and I will send five of you guys some I


GK products so I love theirs. I use it along in my hair routine with like so many other


brands that I love so I think you guys will love them too and in this episode


I feel like I learned more about Isabella and all the work behind


the scenes that she does for her brands. It's so inspiring to see how she is a mother of two.


She's also living in Miami which is so fun and I had to ask her about some of her favorite areas in Miami


because it's a city that I visit often and I had to ask her about some of our favorite areas in Miami because it's a city that I visit often and I think sometimes when you think Miami you just think of South Beach but there's so many other areas to explore.


In this week's Life Update there is a couple things that I did.


One we had the Baby to Baby


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