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Life with Marianna

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🗓️ 28 November 2023

⏱️ 44 minutes

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Navigating the leap from a full-time job to a content creation career can feel daunting. Robyn DelMonte, the visionary and strategist behind GirlBossTown, shares how she transitioned from waitressing to becoming a full-time influencer and trend forecaster. Robyn discusses the challenges of self-branding, overcoming imposter syndrome, and navigating the world of social media numbers. From her experiences with brands to her creative content generation strategies, she provides valuable insights for aspiring creators. We delve into the intersection of personal loss, critique, and self-celebration, offering a holistic view of Robyn’s career. 


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The following podcast is a dear media production.


Hi, I'm Heather McMahon.


I'm an actress, comedian living at home with my mother.


On the absolutely not podcast,


laugh, we'll cry, we'll probably prank phone call our ex-boyfriends because honestly... not from you can always pick up the phone and catch us on the


absolutely not line don't forget to subscribe rate us and leave a message but of course


only if it's a nice one tune in to the absolutely not podcast and I'll see you


soon not podcasts and I'll see you soon. I'm the co-founder of Summer Fridays, and this is The Life with Mariana


Podcast. In this episode, I'm joined by Robin Del Monte, you guys might know her on Tik-Toc as Girl Boss Town, and I've been following her since basically


she just started posting her content.


We talk about in this episode how I was the first person or brand to gift her when she started


posting because I just really appreciate so much of what she does and how she thinks


being somebody who has a brand and works on marketing and I'm also an influencer and career,


I feel like I relate to so many of the things that she posts and I learned so much from her.


I'm just really interested to see her point of view on things and campaigns and ideas that she's coming up with.


So this episode is great if you are a brand thinking about how to cut through the noise on social, how to


market to a younger demographic, thinking about marketing and branding campaigns, or if you're


a creator, some of the things that has worked for Robin in her own career, how she's evolved, branded herself, created a niche for herself,


and then how she went from a server to being a full-time content creator.


So before we get into the episode, I'll do my little life update and don't forget to subscribe to my podcast and follow on Spotify.


I've got new episodes every single Tuesday. For my life update we started with


Summer Friday's holiday party which Lauren and I walked into the room and


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