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LYE 65: Do People In The Public Eye Have A Responsibility To Their Fans?

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler

Comedy, Society & Culture, Tv & Film

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🗓️ 11 June 2018

⏱️ 35 minutes

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Raheem Sterling caused a circus within the press when it was revealed he had a tattoo of a gun. Accusations came at him of being an advocate for gun violence and glamorising gun culture but after the deeply personal meaning behind the tattoo emerged it spun the story on its head but left a huge question: Should the general public have a say on what a celebrity imprints on their body?

Elsewhere Marcus does some follow up from his family holiday in St Lucia and "Big Dick Chat" leaves the guys ranting about people who use public changing rooms as an opportunity to flaunt your length.

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Hello listeners of lower your expectations. Welcome back to another episode of this wonderful podcast.


We're allowed to say it's wonderful, it's okay. Hello. How are you doing?


Great man, how are you? Very good, thank you. Marcus is a YouTuber, Instagrammer, entrepreneur.


I work with him. I think we should let you do one intro and one in ten or something like that.


Yeah, I thought I went well, I was very happy with that. How are you doing and what have you been up to?


What's going on in your life at the moment? There's a lot to be honest.


Lots going on in my life, Matt. Let's use this as therapy.


No, before there's a few things, I'm going to start off lowering the expectations for a reason.


I want to talk about a holiday and a few other things. First, I want to talk about big dicks.


Okay. I've got one. No, just a just a just a gentle conversation start of this one.


Before you go into this, can I just say so we pre-prepared these podcasts. I'll be right down notes.


Marcus has literally just got big dick chat and I have no idea where this is going.


I'm just as intrigued. Okay, so I've started going to New Jim.


Okay. I think you know where this is going to go.


Now, I've started showering at the gym because the shower is nice.


The shower is really nice, change room. Also because I work from the place where I have all my stuff there.


So it makes sense I work out shower. It's a communal shower or is it like cubicles?


It's cubicles, but it's a changing room. It's like the showers are on their own,


but then it's changing room sort of free-for-all.


Now, there's this one guy I seem to be seeing every time I'm in the gym, literally every time.


And he has a big dick, but he does have a big dick.


But he will do everything possible to let everyone know he has a big dick.


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