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LYE 64: Are Fans Allowed Opinions On Influencers Appearances?

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler

Comedy, Society & Culture, Tv & Film

4.82.3K Ratings

🗓️ 4 June 2018

⏱️ 37 minutes

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What happens when an influencer changes their appearance completely? Marcus found out this week when he had a short hair cut which resulted in shockwaves amongst his fanbase as they demanded a reason why aswell as growing it back (as if hair responds to demands). But it raises an interesting issue: why are fans allowed to say whatever they like about people in the public eye and would they say it in the public if they saw them in the flesh? Elsewhere Matt gets married and reveals all about his wedding day and the stag do and finally the big question reveals what the guys would like to be preserved doing if they died suddenly.

All killer no filler on Lower Your Expectations.

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Face Facts. You can't schedule summer. Summer happens when the sun comes out.


You just need to be ready. With your flip-flops by the door, your trunks are ready on,


and an excuse for your boss drafted in an email.


Because if summer comes and you're not in the park,


sucking up the bubbly bits in an ice-cold fruity frappe.


Chances are, you'll miss it.


Our blueberry bubble frappe is available now at Costa.


That summer made a little better. Costa Coffee.


Hello, listeners of low expectations. Welcome back to the podcast. Welcome, welcome, welcome.


Sorry, I should probably say initially for a little break that we had.


But there is a good reason for that break.


And that is because we now have a married man in the building, ladies and gentlemen,


make some noise for Matthew.


Benjamin Bentley Viny.


Yeah, that is a mouthful.


Yeah, I think my middle name is just going to kind of just drop.


Go by the wayside. I like your middle name.


Benjamin is a nice middle name. I like it a lot as well, apparently.


But when that later, when we get into that, so how are you, Matt?


I'm really good. Yeah, really good. You know, it's like that stereotype when someone gets engaged


and they're like, oh, with their ring, I'm like that with everyone now because I never wear rings at all.


Do I? So what did you just shove it in people's name?


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