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🗓️ 6 July 2023

⏱️ 45 minutes

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Axes, chainsaws, and flannels OH MY! In this week's wood filled episode, Baby Markiplier returns to face the teeth in the Lumberjack World Championships! Can he survive the hard wood running, axe throwing, tree climbing chaos that Tyler has thrust upon him, or will he splinter under the pressure and face the axe? Time to grab your lucky flannels and take a swing at this episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hello, elegant listeners and welcome to GO!


My favorite sports team, the Ultimate Podcast, where you discovered new sports, find out information about current sports that are happening all over the world, and learn things from me, your master of sport.


I'm also enjoying the humorists and I don't even know how to describe you at this point Mark.


Wow, wait a second, I'm not going to be learning anybody with anything because today Dolphins Tyreek Hill under investigation for an allegedly hitting man during argument in Miami.


Who's that?


Alright. Tyreek Hill, he's a receiver for the Miami Dolphins formerly the Kansas City Chiefs.


Oh, wow.


He's one of the fastest receivers in the NFL and one of the most successful ones in this past season, but apparently he hit a guy.


That's all I see. I haven't clicked on the article. That's all I know.


Just hitting someone during an argument. It's unknown whether he will face criminal charges.


Gotcha. Did you know the Cincinnati Reds are doing really well? They're actually in first place in the division at this current moment.


I didn't know that at all. Why are they doing so good?


They called up a bunch of young players and they are playing more small ball. They're not home runner bus. Like most teams used to be.


They're actually playing baseball. How it's meant to be played. They're actually really fun to watch.


I've been trying to catch a few games and stuff, but the youth there would steals and just effort plays where you'd hit the ball and just basically beat out the throw to first base.


That's what you were saying is that there is some lacking of small ball and a lot of ways the international baseball players are a bit more prevalent in terms of playing in the way that you like to play because it's more strategic.


Yeah. Yeah. And so it's really cool to watch. Obviously they still have the DH and everything because that's MLB rules, but they're playing with an energy to them that I haven't seen in a long, long time.


And it's fun to watch. It's making baseball fun to watch.


In other news, Olivia Dunn draws crowd while watching LSU at College World Series.


I don't know how this is.


Social media star gymnast extraordinaire for LSU. So she apparently went to the College World Series that I think is an Omaha Nebraska to watch LSU play and people drew a crowd and wanted autographs and stuff.


What? Yeah. In other news, LeBron James waved the flag at the Leemon circuit, the race.


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