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The Black Dahlia Serial Killers


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🗓️ 12 February 2024

⏱️ 7 minutes

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Messages from the dead, a killer’s fantasy world, and a groundbreaking murder case. This is just one example of an unbelievable story you’ll hear on the MrBallen Podcast.

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Hey listeners if you're listening to this podcast you're likely a fan of true crime


podcasts or as Mr. Ballin calls them strange dark and mysterious stories.


Well I'm here today to tell you that the Mr. Bolin podcast, Strange, Dark and Mysterious


Stories is now available wherever you get your podcasts.


Each week on the Mr. Bolin podcast, you'll hear new episodes about inexplicable encounters, shocking


disappearances, and true crime cases. I'm about to play you a clip from the


Mr Ballin podcast. While you're listening make sure to follow Mr. Ballin


podcast, strange, dark and mysterious stories on Amazon music or wherever you get


your podcasts. On a morning in late October of 1999, 48 year old Bruce Miller grabbed his car keys off the kitchen counter, quickly devoured a piece of toast, and then headed into the living room of his ranch style home in the small town of Cleo, Michigan.


Bruce was over six feet tall and lanky, with greying hair and a mustache. He wore a button-up shirt, jeans, and work booths.


Bruce walked towards the front door as his 28-year-old wife, Shari rushed into the room from the hallway.


Sheree was short with dyed blonde hair and light eyes.


Mornings were always a bit crazy in the Miller household.


Shari had two young children from a previous marriage


and so she had to get them ready for school and Bruce was always in a hurry to get to the business that he owned.


Bruce leaned down and kissed his wife and Cherie's face lit up.


But when she got a good look at Bruce's shirt, her face completely changed.


Sheree reached up to the front pocket on Bruce's shirt and she pulled out a huge wad of cash.


Then she held the money up in front of Bruce and gave him a look like I can't believe what you're doing.


Everyone who knew Bruce knew he always carried a whole bunch of cash right in this front shirt pocket.


Bruce said it was to make change for customers at work, but


Sheree and others told him he was crazy to have that much cash just out in the


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